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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Visiting Family

Days 35 to 41

It has been a week since my last blog.  While at my daughter's google decided that I should sign back into my account.  Problem was I had to change my password a few months ago and it is not memorized.  It is written down at my home. I was in New Brunswick, 16 hours drive from home. I couldn't just pop home to get it hence the lack of blogging and the counted days ahead.

I am thankful for my family and that we can drive to visit them.  We went to help our second grandchild celebrate her 6th birthday. I made a tea set for her from my porcelain and china paint and gold.  Dressed in fancy dresses we had a tea party with her tea set.  Sitting at the table with my two of my granddaughters and her friend as they stirred their herbal tea in these tiny tea cups and eating birthday cake on the plates was something I wish I had as a child.  I am thankful I have the gift to make this tea set.

 Angela was busy with her work the first few days and everyone was thankful we could watch the kids. I was searching the web for things to do in Fredericton.  There was a woolen mill.  Both being knitters Ange and I were off to check it out.  I bought a skein of variegated wool for only $13.  I would have bought more, but wool does make me have a rash, so we'll see. Maybe more next time. On the woolen mill's website it said tours of the factory.  They let us wander around the plant with the machines going, hot vats of water, and  spools spinning we could touch, if we wanted to hurt ourselves.  It is so refreshing not to have rules instead to have trust in this plant.  They were making white wool, but I would like to see how the variegated is done.

On a sunny warm Saturday we went to an apple farm and picked apples.  Pies, crisp, sauce and plenty to eat.  Fresh picked apples bring back my childhood growing up in the Niagara Peninsula where fruit grew in abundance. Nothing like fresh fresh, picked from the trees.

God blessed us with good travel there and back and beautiful weather while we were there. 

I don't see these grandkids or my daughter very often.  I am so thankful we can take time to visit them while our son in law was off to China on business.

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