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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Purple Iris Vase

I am enjoying making vases. Each one is different.
 A few years ago I made one that one side had an iris on it. During show the wind caught the vase and it fell to the concrete. Amazing it only cracked. I now have dried flowers in it.

During the winter I made a white vase, died the clay purple and created the peddles from it. Unlike the first one I put a slightly different iris on each side.

I entered it in the Muskoka Spring Show and it sold.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tree House

The Tree House
If you remember last winter Ursula and I painted cartoon figures on the nursery wall of our church.

Notice the mouse and rat.
Shortly after we had finished the room we were asked if we would paint the Sunday school room. This time Yvonne, head of children's' ministry, wanted the room to look like a tree-house.

We did not start the project until the winter. The room was smaller so I thought it would take less time.  Wrong!
In the nursery big things were painted on the wall while this room had small things and less cartoon figures so more detail.

I wondered how I should tackle this room. We started by painting a large oak tree in the corners for the tree house to sit in.  Then the wooden walls for the tree house came next, complete with a ladder on the door. The walls were the easy part.
Eagle Looking for Lunch

What would be a tree house with out animals? The animals were the most fun. Birds, nests, squirrels, and an eagle, bears with the honey hive, even a cat hanging in the tree began to come to life.
Mrs. Moose
Moose are very tall so one sticking his head over the wall was added, and a lady one. By the time we got the vulture, the moose and owl we realized we had too much brown and green. The moose became blue, the owl pink and green and the vulture purple. It is amazing how we can see cartoons in weird colours and not even think about it, at least I do and others who paint them that colour.
Vulture Peeking Out and the Raccoon too.

Vulture's Spying the Praying Mantis.
One challenge with this room is that there are two wooden tables that hinge up against the wall when not in use. We painted the tops of the tables to look like wood. Then we painted the tree house both on the wall and the back of the tables so the tree house is still there no matter how the tables are placed. Behind one table is the purple vulture with his head sticking out.

The other table has a cub bear licking the honey while his friend not behind the table watched on.  As we painted we had to remind ourselves not to forget the painting behind the tables.  

Watch the Bee Sings Little Bear

Where' the Other Bear?
Three months later Ursula had the room finished. Again both of our creative talents grew along with our friendship. Following God's plan for us is exciting. God knew that Ursula and I are very much alike and we would get along well so he put us together painting these walls.

Just Hanging Out.
 Enjoy the pictures and if you are in Bracebridge pop into the Wellington Street Pentecostal church to see it.