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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creating A Large Bowl

I find it hard to turn large pieces on the wheel,  but I wanted to make a large bowl. 

First I made a mold for the bowl.  I lined a large cardboard box with plastic and put a hard plastic bowl upside down in it.  The bowl came from the dollar store.  I lightly coated the bowl and box with Murphy's oil soap which made it easier to come off the plaster.

The mixed plaster needs to be poured slowing into the box mold to limit air bubbles.  The plaster was bought at a pottery supply place.  Follow the directions on the plaster bag.

I put enough plaster to cover the bowl then put a coat hanger shaped in a circle over the plaster. The wire reinforces the plaster.  A second batch of plaster was made which was poured over the first plaster in the mold.  Plaster sets up fast so only make small batches.  I was too slow with the first batch and it set up in the bucket.

Let the plaster cure for a day before taking it out of the mold.

My mold is quite heavy so I leave it on a shelf to make the bowls.

Making The Bowl

I first turn a bottomless cylinder.  This becomes the base.

I roll out a large piece of clay that has been wedged, with no air pockets.  It is laid in the plaster mold. With a soft rib I smooth the clay into the plaster mold.  By this time it is dry enough to flute the edges, if desired.

The plaster dries the clay quickly.  When the clay is leather hard I take it out of the mold, turn it upside down on foam, for protection.

When the base is leather hard cut the top of the base at an angle and place it on the bowl.  This gives it more surface to attach it to and fit the bottom of the bowl.  You might want to place a bubble level on it to make sure it will sit level.  Mark where the base will fit.  Slip and score the bowl and base. Attach the base to the bowl.

You can put a coil on the inside of the turned base to secure to the bowl.   Flip it over and dry it under plastic.  

Decorate it any way you want to. 

Family and Christmas Visits

Christmas and just being busy, mostly selling my pottery has kept me away from my giving thanks. 

Lets see how this year goes with it.

I am thankful for all the sales of my pottery at local Christmas craft shows, local people and my Etsy account.

I am thankful that we were able to visit our daughter, son in law and grandchildren during Christmas and my father, his wife, siblings and Dave's step mother after Christmas.

Now I am thankful for peace and quiet to re-corporate for all the visiting and eating.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bethlehem Trek

Written below is my experience of our Bethlehem Trek in the small town of Bala Ontario, Canada.      Animals listed were real ones, including the dead fish for sale at the market.

Saturday Dec 6 we were summoned by Cesar Augustus to return to the land of our fathers , King David, to be counted in a census and pay our taxes.  

At 6 p.m. we arrived to join the line where it all began.  The stars twinkled above on this clear night and the moon shone to light our way as  we inched toward the door of the great hall (community center).  In the distanced we could see the doors of the great hall  open and  group of travelers were ushered into a place of warmth before the door closed again.

Although we waited  for 1 ½ hours it did not seem long.   The night was mild and we passed the time conversing with the other travelers.  Some lived nearby, others had already traveled a great distance. Children  bundled up slid down the local snow banks.   Carolers from the Mennonite church and the local  Bethlehem choir sang.

Occasionally a servants would walk down the road and  call out “Camel coming, make room”. Sometimes there was even a caravan of  3 or 4 camels, (cars).   Finally we stood on the steps of the great hall.  We would be next.  The doors opened and Dave and I were let in with the rest of our family,  4 or 5 teen girls,  a mother, father and their 2 children.  

The gate keeper gave us our Census paper,  and said, “You are from the family of David. Most importantly , do not loose your  Census paper. The Roman soldiers could demand it at any time. 
 If you  loose it you will not be let in and not counted, and risk jail time. 
 You are family number two.  Go in take seat, enjoy the carolers.  When you see the servant holding up Roman numeral II,  join your family at the back door.  It should take about ½ an hour.”

We enjoyed  the Mennonite choir and sang carols with the Bethlehem choir. The majesty told us of the baby that was born that night to come save us all.    The servant held up plaque number XIV,  then XV and so on.  How high did the numbers go, I wondered.  The time pasted quickly.  Dave said, “Number one, we’re next”.
 Our small, but poor family gathered at the back where we met our sister Naomi.   Naomi greeted us and we greeted each other before we set out on our long journey to Bethlehem  Naomi made sure we had our tax papers, she had the money for the tax collectors.  

No sooner had  began then we were met by a friendly guard. “Who goes there and where do you travel.”

“I am Naomi and this is my family.  We are on our way to Bethlehem.  Do you know how long it will take?”   

“Many days, five or six. You best be on you way”  answered the guard. We bid him goodbye and continued.

We met many people and saw wondrous things on our trek.

A young couple, Abigail and Zachariah invited us into their humble home for bite to eat.  Their donkey  waited outside to carry Abigail to Bethlehem for she was with child.  Naomi politely declined their offer for we needed to hurry on.

A servant came out to greet us on the road lit with lanterns.  “My Maters are following a start to Bethlehem, to worship a baby the new king. They would like to speak to you.” 

"We are also going to Bethlehem,  but we have not seen a star," Naomi said to the servant.
On the table in front of the 3  kings were gifts.  One king spoke, "We have come from the east and are following the star, spoke about many years ago.  We have come to worship the new born king and bring him these gifts.” They showed us the gifts  gold for a king, myrrh and Frankincense for his burial.  Strange they would bring perfumes to prepare a body for burial to a new born baby.  We warmed ourselves by their fire, bowed goodbye and continued.

Suddenly, in the heavens, a bright light shown and host of angels sang 'Glory to God on The High'.  Beautiful, wonderful no words can describe it. 

 Along the road Roman shoulders, beat their swords upon their shields, "Halt! Show us your paper’s,” one stabbed his sword at the children and coarsely asked, “Is that your name on your paper.”  Once they saw that are papers were in good order they allowed  us to continue.

We came upon a Sheppard tending his flock.   

The Sheppard greeted us. “I raise sheep for the Jewish sacrifice to our God.  They must be perfect for God, no disease, sore or blemishes. “  The  three in his pen looked plump and healthy with their thick winter wool coats, perfect for sacrifice.  

With great excitement and joy the Sheppard said,   “While tending our flocks a brilliant host of angels appear in the sky singing “glory to God on high.”  They told us 'fear not for we bring you good news.  A baby was born in a manger who is the Messiah'. For generations we have passed on the story of the Messiah who will come to rescue us.”    He looked  puzzled. “We thought our Messiah would come as a man and rescue us from the tyranny of the Roman empire.  He came as a infant baby.”

We bid him good-by and continued on our journey anxious to see the baby so many spoke of. 

Finally we arrived at Bethlehem.  The gate to the city was guarded by Roman soldiers. 
“Who goes there.”  they demanded.

Naomi , who had fallen behind the young girls stepped forward and said,  “I am the head of the family and we are a few from the house of David.”

“If you are the leader,  why are these people in front of you? You are not a very good leader.”  The guard jabbed his sword at our teenage girls.

“Their legs are much younger than mine and walk faster than I do, sir,” quickly replied Naomi.

“Line up in single file, “ commanded the soldier.  “Quickly!”  We were tired and did not move quickly. 

“Over there.”  he pointed to a building with two officials.  “They will stamp your papers and collect the taxes.” We  filed through the gate.

Naomi stepped to the table.  “How many have you,” asked the tax man. 


“That will be 32 denaro.”    

Naomi  stammered, “ Sir I was told it would cost one dinaro, per person.  I only have 16 dinaros.  We are but a poor family.”

The tax collector was probably tired too, for many people had come that day.  “Step forward.  Show me your papers so I may stamp them."

One by one we  laid our paper on the table.  I jumped when the guard’s sword came swiftly upon my sisters paper.  “Upside down,” he shouted.  She turned it the right way, got it stamped and  entered the market.

Merchants sold their wares in booths, along the road. Dressed chickens hung  up and live ones in their cages at the poultry  man’s stall.  A lady was trying to sell three goats to a fellow  traveler . I only saw two goats.   Perhaps one was in the barn, or she was not being truthful, gouging the cost of goats due to the multitude of people.  

“Fresh fish, get your fresh fish here,”  called another vendor.  

“These fish look frozen not fresh,”  I said.  

“The cold night air froze them.”  The main selection looked to be large mouth bass.

A young maiden across the lane sold grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.  “I’m and hungry after this long journey, but I have no money. “ I told her.  

She was sympathetic with me. “The Romans do take our money for their taxes.”

I moved on to the merchant with his copper pans and oil lamps. Compared to our clay pots back home these were well crafted and beautiful.  Oh for a souvenir to bring back home, I wished.  I kept moving and saw two ponies tied to a fence.  Were they for sale or perhaps as travelers transportation?

Naomi gathered us together.  At last we found the Inn, a warm place to sleep and food in our bellies.  She knocked.  The Inn keeper stuck his head out the door. He scanned us weary travelers. “I am so sorry, but there is no room in the inn.  The Roman soldiers and their horses have taken up every square inch I have.”  We thanked him for being kind, hung our heads and traveled on.  

Up above was the glow of a warm fire pit. A prophet  greeted us.  We warmed by the fire as he spoke.  “I have great news to tell you.  Follow the star,”  he pointed to it. “and you shall find a baby in a manger.  He is the messiah which was told in the book of Isaiah.”
The long journey and the many things we had heard along our travels, were true.  Up ahead was the baby.  Mary and Joseph quietly sat watching the baby Jesus asleep in the manger.  We could not help but sing Away in a Manger.  The lowly cow bedded down eating his grain on one side of the stable. A sheep looked on from the other side. 
Our journey was almost at the end. Naomi told us the wonders of why Jesus came to this earth.  That could find His peace if we worshiped Him like the Wise Men did.

At last we found rest in our hearts and in a inn, (the arena).  It was crowded, but we were able to get a refreshment of hot chocolate and a cookie.  The tables were full.  A bench along the wall was comfort enough.  A few of our neighbors were resting too.  Talking to familiar people was a refreshment in itself after this long but joyous journey.

I pray you will find the peace that Jesus brings. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Follow God - Enjoy Life

 I opened my Etsy store April 2009.  In September 2009 we moved to a brand new community, 2 1/2 hours drive from where we had lived for 33 years.

During the next 3 years I promoted my Etsy shop the best I could.  Learning how Etsy works, finding my way around this new town and working on our new home was a challenge.  God directed us to a new church and I became involved in the art community. New people, missing my old friends, new everything, my time was stretched.

Our new to us home was not landscaped.  Good thing I enjoy gardening and landscaping.  Our basement was an uninsulated apartment, which we gutted to converted into my pottery studio and a family room.  The workshop for my motorcycle mechanic husband was only a shell, no concrete floor, insulation or drywall. Now it is a heated insulated workshop, with a flour, drywall and paint. We built a garage to keep our cars out of the winter elements.  Clearing snow and scraping ice off the windshield is not my favorite activity. These were only a few of the renovations we did to make this house our home.

Five years have come and gone.  There are more projects we want to tackle, but now we can slow down and breathe.  Last year, 2013 I finally  had time to promote my Etsy shop and get more involved in the teams I had joined.

I've been making pottery since 2003.  It takes less time to make my pottery and the quality has much improved. Very little of it goes back in the bucket.

This fall I took stock of where I want to go with my pottery.

Now that I can make my bowls, mug and toothbrush holders quicker I have more time to be creative with my pieces.

When I began to make pottery I made a whimsical pig.  A friend told me this is what God wants me to make, but I was too busy learning how to make good pottery to get creative with it.   

That time is now at hand to take God's direction.  My mind has been designing decorative whimsical pottery.  Excitement is building.  It must come out my head, through my hands into the clay.  The more decorative pottery I make the more my imagination creates and the more fun I have. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

God created us to enjoy life and when we are following Him our life is enjoyable.

Next year will be a new beginning with new pottery for my Etsy site and to sell locally.  Next week I'll fire in the kiln my first load of fun pottery. I can't wait to see where this new direction will take me.

A sneak preview. These are two plates waiting to be bisque fired.
But they are not completed. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Busy Weekend With Family

What a busy weekend.

I am thankful for the finances, energy and our car to be able to do what we did this past weekend.

For a week we took care of our daughter's two large dogs. Friday morning we drove north for two hours to take them home and picked up our beef.  We split a cow with our daughter and her family. It was good to spend some time with Liz, Rich and Sarah.  We even got to pick Sarah up at day care.  She was quite puzzled that Grandma came instead of Mom or Dad.

We came home around 9:30.  I put a pot of beans in the slow cooker, had a shower and flopped into bed.  So thankful for cozy bed with a good mattress. 

The alarm buzzed at 6:00 on a Saturday. Ten minutes later we were heading to church, with my pot of beans,  to serve our community breakfast. Other than doing  laundry, my Saturday afternoon was resting until our next trip.

Just after 5 p.m. we were back in the car heading south to the Toronto airport to have dinner with our younger daughter and her family, who just flew home from a holiday in China. They had a 4 hours to kill before their flight home to Fredericton, N.B.  Any time we can spend with them is good, even this short supper at the airport.

Sunday morning we were up early again, not as early as Saturday, and off to church for worship practice.  Practice went well and so did my drumming during the service.  I'm trying not get nervous when I play, works better this way.

Sunday afternoon more time to rest before we headed back to church for 6 p.m.   We ended a video series on marriage. 

These past few days I've been slowing cleaning the house, which is desperately needed after the two dogs, one that sheds lots of fur.  I even managed to get some pottery made, something I haven't done for a month or so. 

Despite this life is slowing down for me.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Angle Tree Reece's Rainbow

Christmas is a the time for giving and many organizations ask us who are more fortunate to give.

I have added a new widget to my blog.  The Reeces's Rainbow Angel Tree.  This organization finds adoptive homes for children with downs syndrome.  They have no family and would like one.  Many of the families wanting to adopt can't afford it.  The Angel Tree helps to raise money for these families allowing many children to have parents and place to call home.
I am thankful and privileged to live in a blessed country and to have healthy children and grandchildren.  

If you can help please click on the angle tree to the right. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


While cooking supper I was wondering what I should be thankful for.  Many little and everyday items for sure, but something different.

The sun was setting behind the snow clouds and snow squalls were swirling about the air.   I closed the curtains so I didn't have to look at it.  Curtains also hide the black night from me.

Curtains, that is what I am thankful for today. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Be Careful What You Think

When I moved to the Muskoka area I began selling my pottery in craft shows.  Sales were good, especially since I hardly sold anything in Sudbury. Then in June of 2013 sales went down and have stayed down, until this past weekend.

At times  I wondered why I was even making and selling pottery.  If  I didn't love it and know God had called me to this it wouldn't be worth it.

This fall I had lots of pottery left over, which meant I can make other things I've not had time to do.  So many ideas float around in my head. Therefore I wasn't discouraged to have left over pottery.

This weekend I decided not to fear accepting Visa and Master Card.  I accept this on my laptop and have had problems with it, just getting to know how the system works. Now I know how it works which has given me confidence to display my credit card sign, instead of hiding it.

I had a bad habit of judging how much money I would make in a weekend.  Of course I can't tell the future and I didn't make what I thought I would.  This summer I decided to stop doing this. 

When doing a show your sales should be 10 times what your pay for the show.  I came close once by making 9 times the fee.  Most times it is 2 to 5 times the fee.

This past weekend, in one of my regular shows, my sales were just over 10 times what my booth fee was. I even sold one of hand painted platters.

The bible says we reap what we sow.  Think positive and your life is positive.  Step by step I am doing this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Creativity My Way

Opening and unloading my kiln of glazed pottery is like opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning.  I know what I have made but funny things happen in the kiln and I never know how the pottery will turned out.  Some pieces might not turn out the way I would like and occasionally the odd piece is tossed in the garbage. That did happen today.

As soon as I opened my kiln I noticed that one of my frog platters moved too close to a pitcher.  They were fused together like a marriage.  Fortunately I was able to break them apart with minimal damage.  The platter is fine and there is a couple of unglazed spots on the pitcher.  That can be reglazed and fired again, unlike my frog and mouse platter.

Two places on the edges of the frog platter came apart.  As I was cleaning the bottom of the mouse platter I noticed a crack on it. Grabbing both ends I gave it a tug. CRACK!  Now I had two mice platters.  Unfortunately these were two of my better platters.

The rest of the kiln turned out fine.  I will have them for sale at this weekend at the Christmas Craft show in Huntsville and next weekend at the sports complex in Bracebridge.
One of my joys is taking raw clay and creating what ever is on my mind.  So thankful God directed me into my calling.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thankful For Small Things

Many years ago God showed me that he even cares about the small things in our lives.  We should never belittle the small stuff and be thankful for all.

Before I had lazer eye surgery I wore soft contact lenses.  Every evening I would put my contacts in a solution of hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes, then store them in a sailing solution with a disk at the bottom of the container that dissolved the hydrogen peroxide.  You don't want to forget this step and put lenses sitting in hydrogen peroxide in your eye.  You can't get them out fast enough.  I know this from experience.

One evening, thinking I had been to sleep for a several hours, I got up to go to the bathroom.  After I go pee, I fumble in the dark, at the sink, feeling for the glass to get a drink.  I always do this. What goes out must come in.  This one evening, in the dark I was running my hand around the counter hoping it would stumble upon the glass.  I knocked over my contact case.  Now I had to turn on the light and replace the sailing solution that had spilled out of the  container.  My contacts were still sitting in the hydrogen peroxide.  I had forgotten to put them in the sailing solution.  If I noticed this in the morning I would not be able to where them for a while and we were heading on a trip first thing in the morning.

I noticed that I had only been asleep for the few minutes, not the hours as  I  thought. God knew my nightly habit and that I would want to wear my lenses as soon as I got up.  It wasn't something that I needed, but wanted.  God cared about my wants to took care of them.

I have had many times when God has done something small for me and it happened the other day.

I like to garden, but I don't relish doing the fall clean up when it is cold and wet, especially when my hands and gloves are wet and cold.   The other day it was snowing and my calla lilies were still in my  huge pottery pot.  If the pot wasn't emptied the wet soil would freeze and break my pot. 

A friend had recently given Dave a pair of diving dry gloves. They were too small for him and too small for Dave and too big for me. Sounds like Goldi Locks' dilemma.  We were going to give them to our son-in-law, Rich, who teaches scuba diving.  He might know someone whom they would fit.

With the snow falling I put on my winter coat and these gloves and took my calla lilies out of the pot.  My hands stayed dry and warm. All I had to do was run them under the tap to wash them. Sorry Rich I am keeping this gift from a friend, which I am thankful for.  

Friday, October 31, 2014

Enjoy Your Work

I was in my basement making my three color pitchers and enjoying it.

It has been 13 years since I began to make pottery.  When I first began I made a few sculpture pieces, then I learned to turn on the wheel.  For many years the learning curve was frustrating. I had to back up from the creativity and just make pottery.   

They say it takes 12 years to be a good potter.  I am sure that is full time and I only make pottery part time, despite that I can now make functional pottery, both hand built and turned on the wheel.   

Now I that I have the function of making pottery down I can get back to being creative.  

As I was making the pitchers and loving it I realized when God has called you to do something it doesn't matter if you make $100,000 or enough to pay for your hobby. Enjoying your work is more important.

My father always said to get a job you love doing as you will spend most of your life doing it.  Too many people have a job to pay the bills. They are not happy and can live a stressful life. I wonder how much better our world would be if everyone worked at what they loved?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Clean Up

One and a half years ago in April we had so much rain it washed out roads and flooded homes along the river.  We had no damage other than a road near us washed out, which meant going a different route.  I am thankful we didn't have damage.

The following summer and fall we had lots of rain.  Then winter came with 14 feet of snow.  Not all at once, a few inches or more almost every day.  Spring arrived and again the precipitation turned back to rain.  Since then it seems to rain for 4 days then clear for a couple of days.  If it wasn't for the odd clear days we'd be flooded like the 40 days of rain in the days of Noah.  God did promised never to wipe us out by a flood again, but at times I wonder about this.  Just kidding, as my granddaughter would say.  The ground might be soggy and puddles dot the fields and lawns, but we are not going to flood, thankfully. 

I could say I am thankful we have the rain, really this much? I am thankful I live in a dry warm home instead of the streets as some people do.

In the fall the leaves need to be raked, perennials cut down, grass mowed one last time and the vegetable garden tilled under.  A few days ago the rain stopped, most of the leaves got raked. All but one garden was cleaned up and I managed to dig up my calla lilies and dahlias.  It didn't take long.  When another few days of dry weather come I might get there rest finished.  I've been wanting to move some stones out from around the house.  A miracle might happen and I could get it done before the snow flies.  One thing I am thankful for is that if the stones don't get moved, there is always next spring. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is my garden. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Advancement Of Washing Machines

Today I am thankful I live in a modern time with an automatic washing machine and a dryer, hot water heater,  electricity and running water.  

This was emailed to me from a friend. 
Never thought of a "washer" in this light before..
' Washing Clothes Recipe' -- imagine having a recipe for this!
Years ago an Alabama grandmother gave the new bride the following recipe:

This is an exact copy as written and found in an old scrapbook - with spelling errors and all.


Build fire in backyard to heat kettle of rain water. Set tubs so smoke wont blow in eyes if wind is pert. Shave one hole cake of lie soap in boilin' water.

Sort things, make 3 piles
1 pile white,
1 pile colored,
1 pile work britches and rags.

To make starch, stir flour in cool water to smooth, then thin down with boiling water.

Take white things, rub dirty spots on board, scrub hard, and boil, then rub colored don't boil just wrench and starch.
(For you non-southerners -"wrench" means "rinse")
Take things out of kettle with broom stick handle, then wrench, and starch.

Hang old rags on fence.


Spread tea towels on grass.

Pore wrench water in flower bed. Scrub porch with hot soapy water. Turn tubs upside down.

Go put on clean dress, smooth hair with hair combs. Brew cup of tea, sit and rock a spell and count your blessings.

Paste this over your washer and dryer.

This might sound humorous but my mother had a wringer washer machine.  Ours was more modern than this ladies. We had electricity and hot running water.  We didn't have to boil the water under a fire in the back yard or grate a whole bar of lie soap.  That was my grandmothers generation. 
My Childhood Washing Machine

Our ringer washer was pulled beside the double concrete laundry tubs in the basement.  Mom would put the hot water and Tide in the tub and load it with whites.  The washer swished the clothes back and forth until Mom turned it off.  Then came my sister and my job.  With a wooden spoon we'd take the clothes out of the tub and one by one feed them into the wringer.  The spoon was safer then our hand to guide the clothes through. If we weren't careful the spoon would get close enough to the wringer for it to pull it through with the clothes.   If this happened we push a lever on top to spread the two wringers apart and we'd get out spoon back.  Without the spoon it could be our arm. 

The wrung clothes would fall into the tub full of clean hot water. We'd flip the wringer back 90 degrees so it would be between the two tubs.  The rinsed clothes would be put through the wringer again into a basket in the second tub. 

The first load cleaned, next in the same water came the coloured clothes. Last but not least were the work clothes. This is called conserving the water.

All year long the clothes were hung on the line.  In the winter the clothes frozen pegs would have to be pried off the clothes.  Most of the clothes some how dried in the sunny winter. The jeans and heavier clothes turned into frozen boards.  To complete the drying and to thaw them Mom would line them up against the couch.  The living room was transformed an army of pants standing at attention until  they melted to the floor like the wicked witch of The Wizard Of Oz.

I am thankful for my washing machine where I toss in the laundry, any order, push a few buttons and about 40 minutes later I take them out.  On a sunny warm day I hang them on the line. Fresh outdoors is the best air fresher. The rest of the time they dry in my dryer.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chores To Be Done.

I have decided not to count the days that I blog.  Life gets in the way and at times there is no time to blog.  It is on the bottom of my list as it is not as important as making pottery or promoting it.

I have been promoting my pottery on my Etsy.  This year all the sales have been down, again.  I say again because every year I work harder and every year the sales are just a bit lower than the year before. 

I am thankful that I do have some sales as I would be tripping over my pottery. This year my shelves are full of pottery.  I plan to make whimsical figurines instead of mugs and bowls and toothbrush holders.  I also want to make yarn bowls and colanders along with other kitchen wares. Years ago a Christian told me that whimsical animals ect is what I am to do. That is not what I have been doing.  Perhaps God has not blessed me with many sales to force me to make whimsical figurines.

It is now break time from the pottery.  The house needed to be cleaned, baking to be done and most important the yard work cleaned up before winter descends on us.  While the rain poured down I was able to clean the house and get the baking that I wanted done, done.  I am now waiting for the timer to tell me it is finished, then I shall go back outside. A friend came down from Sudbury today.  Dave worked on his motorcycle and he worked on a computer. Gardening did not get done.

I went to the dentist and had a molar pulled.  As I sat in the chair dreading this experience I thought at least we have good dentists with freezing, unlike the old days with no freezing and more rotten teeth.

The sun finally showed it's face yesterday.  The ground was wet and muddy, a perfect time to weed the vegetable garden. The last of the vegetables are out too, the carrots.  One more area to do, then put the leaves on it and possibly cut the lawn. Perhaps tomorrow. 

I am very thankful that the sun is out. It has been dreary for such and long time.  One never knows how long it will say as the weather forecasts aren't very accurate. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Family Visits

Day 51 to 56

Here I go again with a several  days of not blogging. 

Sunday we had a good church service then we drove up to our daughter's for a thanksgiving dinner.  I have always lived around 6 hours from my family.  In 2009 Elizabeth and Rich moved about 2 hours from us.  Now I am able to visit for one day.  I am thankful that we are closer to at least one daughter.

Monday was a pottery day. I have one maple syrup pitcher to make by Christmas. If they were finished today they would be dry enough to fire in a couple of weeks, and finished by Christmas shows and for sure Christmas.  I was able to make 3 maple syrup sizes and four larger ones.  I am thankful these are finished.  I prepared clay for my tri-colour ones, last week. I will get to them next week.  My pottery is finished for the year, now I will be able to clean up the garden, weather permitting.

Tuesday we decided to visit our parents and siblings in the Niagara Peninsula.  I am thankful that we now live three hours from them instead of 6 which we did for 33 years.

About 40 years ago my brother and sister decided to sell the pumpkins my mother had grown at the end of the drive.  My brother has converted that wheel barrow of sales into an amusement fun time.  I haven't been able to visit the Howell Pumpkin Farm while open in about 20 years.  The games are open on Tuesday evening for cheep Tuesday so I was glad we were able to see it open. Pumpkins can be bought any time.  Jerry gave us some tickets to try his new cannon apple thrower.  We saw the canons when he brought them in.  It was quite fun shooting at targets on hay bales or the old combine. We also tried his new paint ball zombi, another show we've watched him make.  Here is his website.

Often we visit mid week when my sisters work. Both were on holiday. Wednesday afternoon and evening we had a very good visit in my younger sisters newly renovated family room.  Of course it is good to visit with my father who is almost 92 and Dave's stepmother who is 85.  Those visits will not last for ever. 

On the way home, today, we stopped at the RV show in Toronto. We are in the market for a travel trailer. Seeing many at once opens our options in a short time.

Of course I am thankful that God once again blessed us with good travel both ways. 

This has been a very good week which again I am thankful for.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Market Day For This Year

Day 50

Today, Thanksgiving Saturday was our last day for the 100 K Farm Fresh and Home Made Market.  I wanted to go as there could be lots of people there, but I wasn't thrilled about standing out in the cold fall weather.  This is the first time I have sold on this holiday weekend, I would go. One never knows how things will turn out until one tries. 

I have been told that less is more, meaning the if you put less out you will have more sales.  I never was that convinced of this. I didn't pack very much pottery, therefore I didn't have many pieces to put out.

I am thankful that I did go.  I had the most sales I have had of any Saturday this summer.  The weather was a
cool fall day. At times the sun even came out.  We had only a few sprinkles of rain too.  It was a very good day.

Next will be the Christmas shows, which are inside, out of the weather elements.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Never A Dull Moment

Day 48 and 49

These two days could have been blended into one as they were pretty much the same. 

We sat in the warm cottage and watched the rain come and go. Other than I'm tired of seeing rain I didn't sit and twiddle my fingers, I always have things occupy me.  I never have a dull moment.  I read a book, and made play food with polymer clay for the grandchildren.

The rain did stop long enough to get outside for some exercise, which was raking leaves and pine needles off the driveway and the stone steps. I will be raking more, many of the leaves haven't even turned colour.  They might get raked this year, or next spring. There is always something falling off the trees at the cottage.  When we took over the cottage no one had been keeping the stone paths cleaned and they were 3/4 covered with tree debrea.  It doesn't take long for nature to take over.

We are home and the truck in loaded with my pottery for the market tomorrow.

I am thankful I have my health and I can do the things I enjoy doing, yes that includes raking leaves.  The smell of the leaves and the russel sound they make gives me peace and time to talk and listen to God, while I rake.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frogs, Fatique and Rain

Day 45, 46 & 47

For  three days I’ve not taken the time to blog my thankfulness.  I could say I didn’t have the time to blog, people spend their money and their time on what they feel is important.  If it is not important they will find all sorts of excuses why they don’t have the time or the money.  I found lots of excuses these past 3 days, but I don’t remember any of them.

This past month I have made several larger frog and mice platters.  I wanted to do at least 4 smaller ones before the frost ate my hosta leaves.  Thankfully I got the four platters finished today.  Now on to small pitchers for maple syrup and a few larger ones.  

I was hoping to get these started on Tuesday.  We had our drum lesson in the morning with our pastor then I went grocery shopping.  When I came home I felt exhausted.  I think the past week’s events have caught up with me.  The weather was also sunny,  a rarity this year, I wasn’t going to stay in the basement doing pottery on a day like this.  Initially I thought I’d remove some stones that  I’ve wanted move all summer.  Heavy loading in my fatigue state wasn't the best idea I've had. I had bought my fall fertilizer so why not spread that.  Walking behind the fertilizer spreader was much easier than hauling wheel barrows of stones. The rain came back washing the fertilizer in. This was a good decision.  I am thankful I made this choice.  

We were going to the cottage for a few days then coming home for me to do my last farmers market day, Thanksgiving Saturday.  I spent the  rest of the afternoon packing up my pottery for the market. I am always thankful when a job is done.
Today, Wednesday we came to the cottage.  On Sunday the weather was calling for Tuesday to be rainy and the rest of the week sunny.  I have no idea why waste my time watching the weather report.  The opposite happened.

Despite the rain the cottage is always a relaxing place to vedge out at.  The fire is stoked, the cottage is warm and the book I am reading is very interesting.  Dave and I did get out for a walk, a short one as the clouds were baring down on us. We got a bit wet on the way back, thankfully it wasn’t a down pour.

 Now if the internet would work I might be able to post this.  I’m thankful that we at least have some internet.  A few years ago there was none at the cottage.  Next year the internet will improve.  I didn't get to post this until Thursday morning.