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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Friendships And Drums

Day 31

It is best that I write this in the morning.  When I write at the end of the day my mind keeps busy resulting in a poor nights sleep.

At times we need to take a break and visit friends.  Jesus did that a lot. He even told Martha that Mary was doing the right thing by stopping her work to visit with him.  Martha was focused on preparing a meal for their quests to the point of asking Jesus to tell Mary to help her.

Visiting with friends was what I grew up to do.  My parents raised 11,000 chickens, 500 pigs, farmed 100 acres, grew a huge garden, canned and froze fruits and vegetables to keep us 4 children fed, yet when company came, which was regular, they took the time, stopped work and had a cup of tea with them.  They also visited friends and family and rested on Sundays.

I visited with my friend Ursula. We need to to this some times.  When I suggested we visit the Habit For Humanity ReStore she was elated.  We spent almost two hours wandering around the store.  My primary reason for going was to buy some tea spoons and perhaps butter knives to add to the tea set I made for our granddaughter.  Hoping to  find silver spoons to add to the few I already had wasn't meant to be.  I did find stainless steal ones for 25 cents each and a butter knife. It was also ten books for $2 day.  Choosing our five books each, took most of our time.

We ended the afternoon at The Fine Thymes restaurant for a late lunch.  It is better to go to this place later as it is so busy; fresh cooked meals, so good.

God created us to fellowship with each other.  I am very thankful for friends.

We began our friendship a year after I moved here.  I decided to paint a mural of cartoon characters on the church's nursery wall.  I had the pastor ask if anyone would like to help.  Ursula thought why not.  For three to four months for two winters, we painted 2 rooms, we laughed, talked, painted, talked, discussed what to paint and talked some more.  Working for a long period of time is a great way to get to know each other.

Dave and I were back at our music lesson after a rest for the summer.  Our music teacher plays a few bars of our next song and normally I want to ask him which one it is.  Last night I decided to go with the flow and feel the music.  This worked great. My hands and feet went into automatic motion.  Cal even said one time I got off beat, but pulled it back on.  Drumming is in the background, but extremely important.  When the drummer is off beat it can throw the whole band off. I am thankful for our patient teacher and that when I become discouraged I still press on toward the goal.  Paul in the bible said to do this as our life is like running a marathon.

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