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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quiet Time

Day 18

Quiet time is what I am thankful for at this minute.  I enjoy company, but I also enjoy quiet time.  Our granddaughter, Sarah, is in her crib, down for the night, our daughter is out for a jog and my husband, Dave is working on the truck before it gets dark. I am sitting on the couch by myself.

I think we wore Sarah out yesterday.  She had 2 naps and is in bed by 6:15.  She has had a busy past two weeks being on holiday and now it could have caught up with her.  I am thankful she is smart and easy to take care of even on a day like today when she is a bit cranky. She hasn't reached the terrible twos  yet. I like this age of toddlers. They see and do  everything with such enthusiasms and joy. Everything is new to them.  They haven't gotten to the place of taking life for granted. Seeing things from a toddlers perspective makes one appreciate life again.

Dave was generous enough to give me a cold, not! I am thankful that we have medication to ease the symptoms.

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