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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rain Held Off

Day 6

The weather was calling for rain today. Nothing new since it has rained every Tuesday and Wednesday since June, and for the first time it didn't rain yesterday, Tuesday.

Normally I wouldn't mind the rain.  I would do something inside.  Today I  had to dig up the roots of my ornamental grasses for a friend, I'll see her husband tomorrow.  I had visions of digging them out wearing my rain gear.  The rain stopped before we got out of bed and didn't come back until after supper. I had them out before breakfast.  These grasses are taller than I am, a great backdrop or for a statement corner.

Not only did I get the grasses dug up, I also put fertilizer on my back lawn and the rain washed it in. Thank you for the rain holding off.

A camping trip is in the plan for the weekend, at a motorcycle rally.  Lots of packing needed to be done.  David and I have packed and loaded the truck and trailer.

I am thankful God has given me a gift of organization and taught me to slow down.  I used to run halter-skelter when I had many things to do.  I would jump from packing in the bedroom then remember something I needed from the basement.  In the middle of my packing I'd run down stairs to get it. While downstairs I'd remember something to be done in the kitchen. To the kitchen I would go.  This was a waste of time as my time was spent running from room to room.

Today the food was packed, then the clothes.  I even had time to go for bicycle ride.

On day two I included a photo of my pitchers.  The first photos were taken inside which caused the color to be off.  These photos are the true color.  I make other colors of these too.

New Friends

Day 5

Once again I was too busy to blog last night.

Thankful that I have a musical pastor who likes to have concerts.  Last night we saw The Wiebes  perform at our church.  Their daughter sang a song too.

I am thankful for new friends.  We have talked to Heather and John and church many times and they suggested after the concert we go to McDonald's.  We had a lovely visit and realized we have similar likes.  As a Christian I don't have to look for friends because God will put those like minded people in my path.

I am thankful we had another sunny day and I could get more weeding done in the flower bed and go for bicycle ride.

Monday, August 18, 2014

For the Sun and Warmth

Day 4

We have had a rainy summer.  Most of the rain has fallen during the week. Last week it seemed like the rain would not end.

I like to hang my  laundry on the clothes line.  You can't beat natures fresh air no matter what the commercials selling chemical freshness tell you. Last week the rain kept falling and the laundry kept growing. It  spilled out of the basket on to the floor burying the laundry room/ mud room  floor along with our shoes. The dresser drawers were getting lower, so low I was forced to wash one load and dry it in the dryer.

Today there was not a cloud in the sky all day, a rarity this summer.  I am thankful I got my laundry washed and dried on the line. 

Normally our grass is burnt brown by now. Not this year.  As the rain pours down the grass grows up.  When the sun comes out and dries up the lawn there is no time to fiddle around. The lawnmower must come out before the grass becomes a hayfield.  Today the sun came and the grass is cut, neat and tidy for another week.

I even got some time to ride my Yamaha TY trials bike around the lawn, between some tree stumps.  We are going to a vintage motorcycle rally this weekend where I can putt around on my motorcycle.  Putting around is all I do because that is all I like to do on trials motorcycle.

I am thankful that I was even able to get a few weeds out of my front flower bed.  The rain has been breading mosquitoes, which ate me every time I worked in the garden. Hiding in the house was a better option. As the theme of this blog continues the rain came down and the weeds grew up.

Today I am thankful for the warmth and sun allowing my to putter outside and get some work done.

I am also thankful for the peace a day like today brings.

Our Church

Day Three

It is Monday morning. I was suppose to write my thankful blog last night.  As I said there might be times in my life where I will not be able to write.  Last night was one of those times because we went to Peter's Players in Gravenhurst to see a Pat Travers play. Pete has concerts in his back yard studio which houses about 75 to 100 people on bleachers.

Loud rock music is not my favorite, but with ear plugs I was thankful we can afford to go to these shows once in a while and watch talented musicians.   I am also thankful for people like Pete who put on shows like this.  He always has an opening act and last night it was two men from Collingwood.  They were really good. Unfortunately I can't remember their names.

Of course yesterday was Sunday and we started the day going to church.  Four Sundays during the summer we haul out everything from a canopy, musical instruments and chairs for an outdoor service.  Being among God's creation some how makes it more peaceful and relaxing to worship God, which is what we did.  The service Pastor Steve put on was all about worshiping God.   I am thankful for the good church and our pastor who follows God, not religion.

God also gave me a word to speak to the church. It is easier to give the word in church where the wind doesn't carry your voice away. Normally when I get a word I stay in my seat.  I felt the need to go to the front, out of my comfort zone, to say this word.  It was "who do you worship God or religion?" I am thankful that God will even use me a, sinful person, to bring a word to the church.

There are many things to be thankful for.  One more thanks.

 I finished putting the last of the gold on my granddaughters China tea set I have been making for her.  I started this set 9 months ago.

Hope's tea set
I hope it turned out in the kiln. I won't take them out until tomorrow. Here is a picture of the first batch from the kiln, fired a month ago.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pottery Sales

Being Thankful

Day Two

Today I sold my pottery at the 100K Farm, Fresh and Homemade Market in Huntsville.

I signed up for the season, June 15 to Oct 12.  I knew I would not be able to make every Saturday morning. Going with Dave to his motorcycle events and summer in general I'd miss a few. On the civic holiday Saturday I sold at the Windermere Garden Center's craft show and flea market instead.  Last year was my first year in this 5 year old craft show.  With the down turn in the economy and a hot day my sales were almost the same as last year, pretty good.  We have seen a lot of rainy days this summer so I don't blame the cottagers for staying on their dock instead of coming to the market.

This Saturday was the fifth time I have been able to attend at the 100K Market. The weather was cool and rainy, something to be thankful for. You might wonder why I would be thankful for another cool wet day in August.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph hot weather keeps the cottagers away.  Today they were out in their rain gear and fancy umbrella's of all colors and designs.  It would have been interesting to see this sea of color from above. 

Every Saturday I have sold at least a couple of items. Today I had the best sales of the season - two of my pitchers and a flower vase along with a few small items. This is a picture of my pitcher.  The color is not as dark green as it should be, because I took it in the evening inside.  Natural light shows a truer color.  All my pitchers are this shape with a variety of glazes on them.   I am thankful for all the sales I have gotten, today and always.  God has blessed me with an amazing gift of making pottery and decorating it.  My mind swirls with ideas, too numerous to do.  Never a lack of creating.

Not only was I blessed with sales, but I also had a friend who has slowed down in making pottery, due to health and age.  A couple of years ago she gave me several buckets of her recycled clay.  I have gotten through half of them.  She is moving to her daughter's down south on Wednesday and only wants to take some of her old clay with her.  She blessed me with old clay and her glazes today.  Dave kept hauling bags and buckets out to the truck until it was full.  I have enough clay for a year or maybe more.  The pottery supply places won't be seeing much of me for a while.

With the sales today and the clay God has blessed me in my calling.

Much to be thankful for today.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Thankful for Jesus, Healing and Hospitalty

It takes 40 days to make or break a habit.

I hear people complaining more than I like to, even me.  I want to blog about something I am thankful for every day for one year.  There will be times I will not have access to the internet or my computer, those days I will be thankful that I am probably traveling. Hopefully in 40 days I'll be thankful enough that I won't notice the negative, for there is negative and positive in everything. We have a choice to see the negative or the positive.

Day One

I am thankful that as a child I accepted Jesus and as an adult I began to follow him. Without Jesus in my life my family might not be Christians and I wouldn't be who I am. 

I am thankful that Jesus has healed my insecurity so I am no longer afraid of people.  Today I am thankful we were able to drive in the truck to Barrie to get some shopping done and meet our new motorcycle distributor.  I am thankful for my gift of hospitality which helped me to be comfortable with Steve and Anett. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Day Too Soon

A few years ago I made this square plate or tray. 

The glaze runs therefore I did not glaze down to the bottom of the tray.  At craft shows many people picked it up looked at the bottom and put it down.  It was also for sale on my Etsy site. 

Last month I decided to take my chances and glaze the outside to the bottom.  To make sure it didn't sell on the Etsy while it was in the kiln or sitting with the glaze on; of course that would be the time it sold; I took it off the list for sale. 

It turned out beautiful.  The green and blue glaze ran together just enough to creative a wavy blue and green stripe.  More than what shows here. I wish I had taken another picture of it.

Last night while cruising my Etsy I noticed  I had not reactivated it back on my site.  Two clicks of a button and it was back on.

Saturday mornings I sell my pottery at the 100 K Farm, Fresh and Homemade market in Huntsville, Ontario.  This morning a gentleman picked up the blue and green square tray and said, 'May I take this off your hands.' My kind of sale. 

If I had waited one day to put it on, would I have sold it today? Did putting it on my Etsy caused it to sell?  One never really knows, but I'm going for that it had nothing to do with it.  I believe it would have sold even if I didn't put it back on my etsy.  Although -- I have posted a listing on Etsy and then sold it locally, so maybe. What do you think?