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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding My Pottery Nitch

Day 32

God has always provided financially for us.  1997 began His teaching of the power of giving.

We built a log house.  There was more house than money and the foundation had to be dug 10 feet deeper than basement floor.  An unexpected expense.  We moved in with an incomplete interior.   We competed it a little bit at a time as the finances came in.

A few months  after we moved in I got stressed.   Did we do the right thing building this house?  We had a huge mortgage, our daughters would be entering college and university in a few years and we had two very old vehicles.

One day I went for a walk and cried out to God.  He said 'Lean on me'.  This thought was so clear in my mind I knew it was God.   He could have told us we were foolish, but didn't.  During the next several years I saw what happened when I was obedient to tithe 10% and give offerings.

The first lesson came during a concert at a church.  The offering plate came by.   I had $10 in my purse, nothing in the bank and no milk in the fridge.  Pay day was several days off.  Credit cards weren't accepted in the grocery  stores in those days.  The burden came upon me to put my $10 in the plate.   I obeyed God and released my $10.   A few days later Dave did some work for someone and gave me $20.   I gave and was given more than I gave.  This was the beginning of providing.  I could write a chapter on the many times God provided when we gave.

God provided so much that eight years later  we were mortgage free, had 2 newer vehicles and both our daughters were dept free graduates.  A quick calculation discovered that God had poured over $400,000 in our laps.

We knew building our house was no accident.   Yes God provided,  but from 1994 to about 2000 God healed me.   What amazed me was that every month God did a healing in me something significant happened with the construction of our house.   We called our house my healing house.   We only lived there 13 years.  Time to move on.

God is still in the works of providing, everything.  I am thankful God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dave and his sister are owners of a cottage with acres.   It is beautiful place.  I am there now.  Last spring Rogers Wireless approached us, asking if they could install a cell tower on our land.   The lease would pay for the expenses of the cottage.  If technology continues to use cell towers the cottage will not be a financial burden to our daughters when they take it over.

The past several months Dave  has been going back and forth between Rogers and our lawyer.  Today Dave signed the lease.  They probably won't be able to build until the spring, but the lease is signed.   We will be excited to watch them build it and we will have decent cell service at the cottage.  Just another one of God's provisions. 

At times I wonder how people survive without the power of God.   Being a Christian, a follower of Jesus, is not an exclusive club.   It is for every one who wants to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. 

Still more to be thankful for.  Most of my pottery ideas have come from other people.  Finding my own design and nitch has been my desire.   This past week I have been making my frog and mice platters and bowls.   While making another design I realized this is my nitch.  I love making those frogs and mice.  Now instead of just putting a frog on the platter I am having them do something.  One is sitting on the edge of the bowl, playing an according, another one is rowing in a leaf.  His ores in his arms will be a pickle fork.

Pottery has been a journey and I am thankful to discover my passion.  I am also thankful that when I start with clay I am only limited by my imagination, which God gave me plenty of.

When I first moved here I was accepted in higher end craft shows.  One of my favorite shows is juried every year.  There was only one year I did not get accepted into the show.  This years show acceptance came in the mail today.   November will be busy with three Christmas shows.  At least I have enough pottery stock and don't have to panic to get more done.

I am thankful to have been accepted in shows and a market.  Since pottery in my passion and I crave to make it, I need to sell it or we'd be tripping over the pottery.

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