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Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Day Too Soon

A few years ago I made this square plate or tray. 

The glaze runs therefore I did not glaze down to the bottom of the tray.  At craft shows many people picked it up looked at the bottom and put it down.  It was also for sale on my Etsy site. 

Last month I decided to take my chances and glaze the outside to the bottom.  To make sure it didn't sell on the Etsy while it was in the kiln or sitting with the glaze on; of course that would be the time it sold; I took it off the list for sale. 

It turned out beautiful.  The green and blue glaze ran together just enough to creative a wavy blue and green stripe.  More than what shows here. I wish I had taken another picture of it.

Last night while cruising my Etsy I noticed  I had not reactivated it back on my site.  Two clicks of a button and it was back on.

Saturday mornings I sell my pottery at the 100 K Farm, Fresh and Homemade market in Huntsville, Ontario.  This morning a gentleman picked up the blue and green square tray and said, 'May I take this off your hands.' My kind of sale. 

If I had waited one day to put it on, would I have sold it today? Did putting it on my Etsy caused it to sell?  One never really knows, but I'm going for that it had nothing to do with it.  I believe it would have sold even if I didn't put it back on my etsy.  Although -- I have posted a listing on Etsy and then sold it locally, so maybe. What do you think?