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Friday, September 30, 2011

A God Moment

I love those God moments.

For about a year I have been looking at China painting for pottery. A couple of weeks ago while at the Bohemian Art Gallery and Cafe ( I was talking to a lady, a Christian. Some how China painting got into the conversation and she said she knew someone who taught it. I signed up for the course in a couple of hours this tile is what I painted. Definitely this is for me. I took to it easily. Can't wait for the other courses, buy my own supplies and make my own porcelain to paint on. 

So little time, so much fun to enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sushi Any One

For a potter almost anything can become a tool or a form. Several years ago I found these little dishes. I remembered ones similar to these from my childhood. They were thin metal stamped into designs our mother's used to make fancy jelly molds.
Metal Jello Mold
Since that is not my thing I thought I could use them to make little dishes.
Soya Sauce In the Dish
After I made a few I realized they would be the perfect for dipping soya sauce when serving sushi.
If only I had some sushi.

Soya is not the only thing you can put in them, mustard for ham, salsa for nachos, dips for chips and vegetables. They are the perfect size for single servings.
I make them in several colours. 
You can see more on my etsy site. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Follow Jesus

Every second Monday I right a bog on the Christian Street team blog, from Etsy.

The one I wrote this morning was inspired by my previous blog "Its All in Placing of the Hands". I realized that learning to turn pottery the correct way improved my pottery and this is similar to listening to Jesus and doing it his way. It too will help your life go smoother.

You can read the complete blog on 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Butler's Pottery: It Is All In the Placing of the Hands

The Butler's Pottery: It Is All In the Placing of the Hands

It Is All In the Placing of the Hands

Last spring I mentioned that I had been struggling with turning big. Then I watched a video and found out I had been placing my hands to turn backwards. I had been struggling against the natural force.

Now I am turning larger bowls. This one holds several oranges and apples.  I turned it with 3 colours of clay.

I also turned a large vessel. I turned the top half,  then turned the bottom. The two halves were put together in the leather hard stage. It is 11" high.