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Friday, September 19, 2014

Those Who Are Flexible Shall Not Be Broken

Day 33

I will miss two Saturdays at the farmers market, but not this Saturday.  My customers primarily are the cottagers and Christmas shoppers, should I go to the market this Saturday and take a chance of no or little sales when most of my customers might not be there?  Also this week Dave is gone with the truck.  I only have the car and can't take the popup.  If I wanted I could have some one bring one or borrow a friends larger vehicle.  Is it worth it in the off season?

My deciding factor would be the weather.   I am tired of standing in the cold wet weather.  If Saturday called for rain I would go to the cottage Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.  I kept watching the weather forecast.  On Friday the previous week the weather called Saturday to be sunny and 20 degrees F, to the market I'd go. Sunday's forecast called rain on Saturday - to the cottage,  Tuesday's forecast called for sun again, back going to the market.  Wednesday forecast 70% chance of rain.  That's it, Thursday morning I woke with the decision to go to the cottage, after my hair appointment. Thursday and Friday is suppose to be sunny, yet cold.  A good autumn day to be at the cottage with the wood stove on. 

This means a change of plans.  My last few small frog hosta leaf bowls can be made Saturday while it rains., instead of Thursday.

Another problem.  When would I get the grass cut?   If it rained Saturday and on Sunday we were heading to Angela's for a week ,Thursday morning was the only time it could get done.  The lawn would be a hayfield when we got home.

The back lawn was the longest and the wettest from the dew.  At 11 a.m. the front lawn should be dry enough to cut.  The front lawn is not as long and thick as the back.  I started there.  By lunch 3/4 of the front was cut.   After lunch I had an hour before I left for my errands and hair appointment.  Enough time to cut the back lawn and finish the front. 

I am thankful I finally made a decision and now am enjoying cottage time.  I am thankful that I have learned to go with the flow.  I used to be very ridged with my time.  Those who are flexible shall not be broken.   I am thankful I am organized.  The lawn is cut, and my hair, errands are done including signing up for a craft show.  A good decision was made.

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