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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gravel Walkway Cut Down To Size

Day 25

Last summer we put gravel in the driveway and up the walkway, behind the garage. The gravel was put level with the man door. When the snow flew and melted it had no place to run except into the garage under the door.  We got fourteen feet of snow last winter, it was a challenge keeping the snow cleared and the garage dry.

All summer long I looked at the walk and thought, the gravel needs to be taken down to a few inches below the door.

The wet summer bred many mosquitoes and dear flies.  They drained my ambition to garden or dig out the gravel.  

Last week while baby sitting our granddaughter and a cold I managed to get a few wheel barrows out.  I was hard work and I'd only gotten a few feet of the twelve or more feet done.  This could take a long time maybe a week or more. 

Today Dave dug out a few more feet, then I tackled it.  As I moved along the wall the grade naturally went down.  Instead of taking a few inches out, only and inch or so needed to be removed.  In no time at all I was finished.  Time for lunch.

One thing I have discovered about myself is that I take more energy and time wondering, worrying or thinking about getting a project done, than it takes to do the project. Just get it done and stop the worrying is the best plan.

I am thankful that Dave helped out and the grade was going down instead of up, making the job easier.  I am also thankful it is finished.

The rain came so I ventured inside to my pottery studio and made two large frog platters.

This photo is one of my frog platters I have made.  They are all made in different colours, shapes and sizes. I pick a leaf from the garden and press the  flat clay into it to achieve the leaf look. My hand sculpted frog is place some place in the bowl.   I am starting to put mice in them for cheese trays. Thankful once again for my artistic gift.

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