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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trust in the Lord

I have taken a side line from writing about my pottery.

This week I was reading the Cast Team Blog ( and it was about trusting God. 

Do I trust God in all ways? Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  This is not easy to do when the world screams 'do it your way', 'figure it out on your own' 'be independent' 'fix your problem and if not worry about it'. So how are these thoughts working out for you? I know they are causing me undo stress and worry.

How do I trust God and not take matters into my own hand, especially when a person hurts me?  What did King David do when he had a chance to kill Saul? In 1 Samuel 24 Saul was going to the bathroom right in front of him. What an opportunity to catch him with his pants down, as we say. Even David's men said 'kill him'.  They were tired of running from him too.  David did cut off a piece of his robe to prove to Saul he was there, but this even bothered him. vs 5.  King David didn't take revenge on Saul, he let God do that, but he did have to wait for God.

David didn't listen to public opinion either. James 2:1 My dear friends don't let public opinion influence how you live out your glorious life.

I know that God has called me to make pottery. My problem is - should I make what is in my heart or what sells? When I struggle with this thought I think about the movie "Field of Dreams", build it and they will come. Many great people have built and done what was in their heart and the people have come. My great great grandfather carved these monuments and many more.  Did he worry about what he should do or did he make what was on his heart? He did take commission jobs like this coal miner, but he used his son as the model, not a coal miner.

My functional pottery is selling but not the creative pottery. A few months ago I was struggling if I should just make functional pottery. I do enjoy making functional pottery, but I need to create. God gave me an encouragement. I made this vase put it in one show and it sold.

Yes I need to make what is in my heart and trust God that I am being whom he created. Some days I want to turn on the wheel, other days create. If I listen to other opinions of what I should make I am being them and I am not happy.

Another stress factor I have is how much pottery should I make?  Luke 12 is all about DO NOT WORRY.
Verse 22-28 for this reason I say to you, do not worry about you life as to what you will eat nor for your body as to what you will put on, for life is more than food and the body more than clothing. Then Jesus goes on to say that God takes care of the birds and the flowers and aren't we worth more than that. 

 I like to take pictures, but I don't carry my camera every where and I don't go looking for animals. I did want to get pictures of owls, dear, moose, palliated woodpecker and other animals. Each of the these pictures I just happened to have my camera when they appeared. If God can put wild life in my path why don't I trust him to lead me in other ways?

The Message Bible sums it up best in Luke 12:29 What I'm trying to do here is get you to relax, not be so preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God's giving.  Do like these wild life do, relax. They don't look stressed out. 

I need to enjoying making pottery, taking photos or living my life. Now to get this into my life so each day I can be who I am, that's the tricky part. I am working on it. 
Be Happy Don't Worry

Rest in the Lord and he will provide my hearts desires.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Butler's Pottery: Hoot Goes The Owl

The Butler's Pottery: Hoot Goes The Owl

Hoot Goes The Owl

Several years ago, while living in Sudbury a barred owl decided to feast on the mice in my compost bin. My family and I ran out to capture him on film.  His fear of us was greater than his hunger for the mice. Did I miss the photo opportunity?  Alas he did not fly far. It was day time and they are nocturnal birds so he perched in a burr oak tree in our back yard for a nap. His stripped feathers blended in quite well with the tree. Quietly I walked out as to not wake him and shot away with my camera. I did get a few great shots of him but his eyes were closed. Oh, so I desired for his eyes to be opened. I even thought I could photo-shop opened eyes, but it just didn't seam right and I felt I wouldn't have done the real eyes justice.

After we moved to Bracebridge Ontario  I would listen to the hoot of owls during the night. I later found out we have several barred owls in our area. What would be the chance of seeing one with his eyes opened?
Lately I had taken a fancy to owls and have painted some whimsical ones on pottery. A few weeks ago while sipping on a glass of water and looking out the kitchen window I wondered where my frisky squirrels had gone. Then I saw it. At first I thought it was my imagination due to painting so many. No it was real. Sitting on the pine bow searching for the my scarce squirrels was a barred owl. The sun was on it as its eyes scanned the ground like radar. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot away. I managed to get several shots of him before he flew off into the forest, hungry. The squirrels reappeared after he left.

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