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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Visiting Family

Days 35 to 41

It has been a week since my last blog.  While at my daughter's google decided that I should sign back into my account.  Problem was I had to change my password a few months ago and it is not memorized.  It is written down at my home. I was in New Brunswick, 16 hours drive from home. I couldn't just pop home to get it hence the lack of blogging and the counted days ahead.

I am thankful for my family and that we can drive to visit them.  We went to help our second grandchild celebrate her 6th birthday. I made a tea set for her from my porcelain and china paint and gold.  Dressed in fancy dresses we had a tea party with her tea set.  Sitting at the table with my two of my granddaughters and her friend as they stirred their herbal tea in these tiny tea cups and eating birthday cake on the plates was something I wish I had as a child.  I am thankful I have the gift to make this tea set.

 Angela was busy with her work the first few days and everyone was thankful we could watch the kids. I was searching the web for things to do in Fredericton.  There was a woolen mill.  Both being knitters Ange and I were off to check it out.  I bought a skein of variegated wool for only $13.  I would have bought more, but wool does make me have a rash, so we'll see. Maybe more next time. On the woolen mill's website it said tours of the factory.  They let us wander around the plant with the machines going, hot vats of water, and  spools spinning we could touch, if we wanted to hurt ourselves.  It is so refreshing not to have rules instead to have trust in this plant.  They were making white wool, but I would like to see how the variegated is done.

On a sunny warm Saturday we went to an apple farm and picked apples.  Pies, crisp, sauce and plenty to eat.  Fresh picked apples bring back my childhood growing up in the Niagara Peninsula where fruit grew in abundance. Nothing like fresh fresh, picked from the trees.

God blessed us with good travel there and back and beautiful weather while we were there. 

I don't see these grandkids or my daughter very often.  I am so thankful we can take time to visit them while our son in law was off to China on business.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Bushel Of Tomatoes

Day 34

I am a few days late with this blog as life is good and I'm  visiting my daughter and grandchildren.

Saturday was a day I call a God - cidences.

Every fall I can a bushel of tomatoes.  Canned tomatoes go into my spaghetti sauces, soups and other delicious dishes.  This year the tomatoes are not very good due to the excessive rain rotting them on the vines.  Perhaps I should buy canned ones.  As I thought about my decision I didn't want tomatoes from a tin can.  They don't taste as good as mine and the metal cans are not as healthy as my jars.  Some companies put sugar in the tomatoes.  Why? is what I ask.  Maybe to make them look better or possibly because people are addicted to sugar.   Apparently 100 years ago the average person consumed 10 pound of sugar a year. Now the average consumption if 170 to 200 pounds per year.  Again I wonder why is there sugar in tomatoes. I don't want more sugar than I need.

My mind had been changed, if I could find some tomatoes I would can. If not I would have to buy the store canned ones.

Saturday morning the weather was clear and cool.  Perhaps I did make the wrong decision to not sell my pottery at the farmers market. Too late for that now.

As planned I went to Orillia to pick up a few items at the health food store.  They were out of stock.  A wasted trip, so I thought.

Across the road was the Saturday morning Orillia market.  Oh well why not wander around it.  The first stall had two bushes of very good tomatoes. Now that I decided to can my tomatoes God made a way for me to buy some. 

I call these God-cidences or His direction.  If I'd gone to the health food store on Friday or not at all, which I considered, I would have missed the Orillia market and these tomatoes. 

Around 11:30 the rain came.  If I'd gone to the market I probably would have packed up in the rain. I am thankful I decided to go to Orillia instead of my market. .

Friday, September 19, 2014

Caked On Mud

Day 34

I enjoy people, but occasionally it is nice to get away to peace and quiet and our cottage in the fall is just that place.

On the farm I grew up on, the woods was just behind the house. It was my place of refuge. Now the woods is also a place I hear from God, in his own nature.

This morning I had a vivid dream.  Those normally are from God.  God revealed through this dream something I needed to change about my thinking.  Later as I went for my walk through the woods I wondered about something strange in the dream. The dream began with me going outside to scrape mud, I acquired in the house, off my shoes   In real life I would be scraping the mud off my shoes before I came inside.

As I pondered if this was significance the verse in the bible that tells us to go witness to people, if they will not have anything to do with us, leave them, but first shake the dust off your feet popped into my head.  Shaking the dust off our feet symbolizes that we are not to take any hard feeling or negativity or anything from these people, just move on.

I didn't have dust on my feet, but caked on mud which I got while inside.   God revealed in my dream that I acted a certain way due to what happened to me at birth.  I needed to change my thinking before I could move on. I had spent all my life not shaking the dust from my feet. It was now caked on mud that is waying me down. I was now taking it off outside my house, my life. 

 I am thankful that God never gives up on us and is always teaching, leading and healing me.

All summer I have wanted to wax the car, but Dave needed to touch up the paint first, which he did last week.  I brought wax to the cottage.  The day was cool and sunny. Perfect day for washing and waxing the car, not one of my favorite jobs.  Thankful that is done.

Today was a peaceful relaxing day with sun shine and weather warm enough to sit outside and read.  These days are numbered as winter is just around the corner.  I am so thankful I decided to come to the cottage to enjoy days like this.  

Those Who Are Flexible Shall Not Be Broken

Day 33

I will miss two Saturdays at the farmers market, but not this Saturday.  My customers primarily are the cottagers and Christmas shoppers, should I go to the market this Saturday and take a chance of no or little sales when most of my customers might not be there?  Also this week Dave is gone with the truck.  I only have the car and can't take the popup.  If I wanted I could have some one bring one or borrow a friends larger vehicle.  Is it worth it in the off season?

My deciding factor would be the weather.   I am tired of standing in the cold wet weather.  If Saturday called for rain I would go to the cottage Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.  I kept watching the weather forecast.  On Friday the previous week the weather called Saturday to be sunny and 20 degrees F, to the market I'd go. Sunday's forecast called rain on Saturday - to the cottage,  Tuesday's forecast called for sun again, back going to the market.  Wednesday forecast 70% chance of rain.  That's it, Thursday morning I woke with the decision to go to the cottage, after my hair appointment. Thursday and Friday is suppose to be sunny, yet cold.  A good autumn day to be at the cottage with the wood stove on. 

This means a change of plans.  My last few small frog hosta leaf bowls can be made Saturday while it rains., instead of Thursday.

Another problem.  When would I get the grass cut?   If it rained Saturday and on Sunday we were heading to Angela's for a week ,Thursday morning was the only time it could get done.  The lawn would be a hayfield when we got home.

The back lawn was the longest and the wettest from the dew.  At 11 a.m. the front lawn should be dry enough to cut.  The front lawn is not as long and thick as the back.  I started there.  By lunch 3/4 of the front was cut.   After lunch I had an hour before I left for my errands and hair appointment.  Enough time to cut the back lawn and finish the front. 

I am thankful I finally made a decision and now am enjoying cottage time.  I am thankful that I have learned to go with the flow.  I used to be very ridged with my time.  Those who are flexible shall not be broken.   I am thankful I am organized.  The lawn is cut, and my hair, errands are done including signing up for a craft show.  A good decision was made.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding My Pottery Nitch

Day 32

God has always provided financially for us.  1997 began His teaching of the power of giving.

We built a log house.  There was more house than money and the foundation had to be dug 10 feet deeper than basement floor.  An unexpected expense.  We moved in with an incomplete interior.   We competed it a little bit at a time as the finances came in.

A few months  after we moved in I got stressed.   Did we do the right thing building this house?  We had a huge mortgage, our daughters would be entering college and university in a few years and we had two very old vehicles.

One day I went for a walk and cried out to God.  He said 'Lean on me'.  This thought was so clear in my mind I knew it was God.   He could have told us we were foolish, but didn't.  During the next several years I saw what happened when I was obedient to tithe 10% and give offerings.

The first lesson came during a concert at a church.  The offering plate came by.   I had $10 in my purse, nothing in the bank and no milk in the fridge.  Pay day was several days off.  Credit cards weren't accepted in the grocery  stores in those days.  The burden came upon me to put my $10 in the plate.   I obeyed God and released my $10.   A few days later Dave did some work for someone and gave me $20.   I gave and was given more than I gave.  This was the beginning of providing.  I could write a chapter on the many times God provided when we gave.

God provided so much that eight years later  we were mortgage free, had 2 newer vehicles and both our daughters were dept free graduates.  A quick calculation discovered that God had poured over $400,000 in our laps.

We knew building our house was no accident.   Yes God provided,  but from 1994 to about 2000 God healed me.   What amazed me was that every month God did a healing in me something significant happened with the construction of our house.   We called our house my healing house.   We only lived there 13 years.  Time to move on.

God is still in the works of providing, everything.  I am thankful God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dave and his sister are owners of a cottage with acres.   It is beautiful place.  I am there now.  Last spring Rogers Wireless approached us, asking if they could install a cell tower on our land.   The lease would pay for the expenses of the cottage.  If technology continues to use cell towers the cottage will not be a financial burden to our daughters when they take it over.

The past several months Dave  has been going back and forth between Rogers and our lawyer.  Today Dave signed the lease.  They probably won't be able to build until the spring, but the lease is signed.   We will be excited to watch them build it and we will have decent cell service at the cottage.  Just another one of God's provisions. 

At times I wonder how people survive without the power of God.   Being a Christian, a follower of Jesus, is not an exclusive club.   It is for every one who wants to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. 

Still more to be thankful for.  Most of my pottery ideas have come from other people.  Finding my own design and nitch has been my desire.   This past week I have been making my frog and mice platters and bowls.   While making another design I realized this is my nitch.  I love making those frogs and mice.  Now instead of just putting a frog on the platter I am having them do something.  One is sitting on the edge of the bowl, playing an according, another one is rowing in a leaf.  His ores in his arms will be a pickle fork.

Pottery has been a journey and I am thankful to discover my passion.  I am also thankful that when I start with clay I am only limited by my imagination, which God gave me plenty of.

When I first moved here I was accepted in higher end craft shows.  One of my favorite shows is juried every year.  There was only one year I did not get accepted into the show.  This years show acceptance came in the mail today.   November will be busy with three Christmas shows.  At least I have enough pottery stock and don't have to panic to get more done.

I am thankful to have been accepted in shows and a market.  Since pottery in my passion and I crave to make it, I need to sell it or we'd be tripping over the pottery.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Friendships And Drums

Day 31

It is best that I write this in the morning.  When I write at the end of the day my mind keeps busy resulting in a poor nights sleep.

At times we need to take a break and visit friends.  Jesus did that a lot. He even told Martha that Mary was doing the right thing by stopping her work to visit with him.  Martha was focused on preparing a meal for their quests to the point of asking Jesus to tell Mary to help her.

Visiting with friends was what I grew up to do.  My parents raised 11,000 chickens, 500 pigs, farmed 100 acres, grew a huge garden, canned and froze fruits and vegetables to keep us 4 children fed, yet when company came, which was regular, they took the time, stopped work and had a cup of tea with them.  They also visited friends and family and rested on Sundays.

I visited with my friend Ursula. We need to to this some times.  When I suggested we visit the Habit For Humanity ReStore she was elated.  We spent almost two hours wandering around the store.  My primary reason for going was to buy some tea spoons and perhaps butter knives to add to the tea set I made for our granddaughter.  Hoping to  find silver spoons to add to the few I already had wasn't meant to be.  I did find stainless steal ones for 25 cents each and a butter knife. It was also ten books for $2 day.  Choosing our five books each, took most of our time.

We ended the afternoon at The Fine Thymes restaurant for a late lunch.  It is better to go to this place later as it is so busy; fresh cooked meals, so good.

God created us to fellowship with each other.  I am very thankful for friends.

We began our friendship a year after I moved here.  I decided to paint a mural of cartoon characters on the church's nursery wall.  I had the pastor ask if anyone would like to help.  Ursula thought why not.  For three to four months for two winters, we painted 2 rooms, we laughed, talked, painted, talked, discussed what to paint and talked some more.  Working for a long period of time is a great way to get to know each other.

Dave and I were back at our music lesson after a rest for the summer.  Our music teacher plays a few bars of our next song and normally I want to ask him which one it is.  Last night I decided to go with the flow and feel the music.  This worked great. My hands and feet went into automatic motion.  Cal even said one time I got off beat, but pulled it back on.  Drumming is in the background, but extremely important.  When the drummer is off beat it can throw the whole band off. I am thankful for our patient teacher and that when I become discouraged I still press on toward the goal.  Paul in the bible said to do this as our life is like running a marathon.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 29, Worship, Day 30 Fun With New Friends

Day 29

That was yesterday, Sunday.  I had such a good time I didn't have time to blog.

Our female pastor, Wendy, spoke on 'what are you looking at'. When we take our eyes off of Jesus, stress and worry over our circumstance happen and Jesus can't move in our lives. Years ago God gave me a vision.  I was in a small boat in a storm.  I had no way of maneuvering this boat. The light house, Jesus, was on the shore.  As long as I kept my focus on the Light house I was secure, protected from the storm around me.

I am thankful for great worship and a good sermon.

We came home from church, grabbed some lunch, and I took my blueberry cheese cake out of the fridge. Oh no! The blueberry topping didn't set.  When I cut it into squares the berries juice ran into the cuts.  I had no choice but to take it to the pot luck, corn boil, barbeque at our friends.  I told our friends my problem they said 'that's how we like it'. How comforting. I guess everyone else agreed as there wasn't any left, Dave desired to have left overs for home. 

There were many people at the gathering I didn't know.  Normally this makes me uncomfortable. I talked to someone I knew. Dave was talking to people I didn't recognize.  I decided to join them and am I glad I did. It turned out they grew up in Sudbury.  We lived there for 33 years.  There was lots to talk about.  I felt like I had known Carol Ann for years. Such fun I had with her. Of course they enjoyed my Sudbury blueberries.  Sudbury is known for its wild blueberries.

I am thankful I have learned to not be so shy and that I went to talk to this couple. If I hadn't broken out of my shell I wouldn't have met a new friend.

Day 30

One whole month of being thankful.

Today it rained, again! Apparently the cold wet weather is a result of the volcano in Iceland, possible. That has happened before. My father tells me that when his grandfather was farming there was a major volcano in South America.  They had frost every month and couldn't grow their grain.

Today started with me writing more of my testimony.

We had to put the pellet stove on to take the chill off the basement. It wasn't cold in the basement while I made more of my frog and mice leaf platters and bowls.  I formed one frog into an according playing frog sitting with his long legs crossed.  Think of Kermit.

When I began to make pottery a friend told me I am to make cartoon animals.  I haven't made very many of them because my insecurity had kept me in bondage.  No more, it was fun and easy making this frog. More to come.

Once again I am thankful for the gifts God has given me.  Once upon a  time in my life I believed I had no talent.  I might never get used to my talent. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hopefully A Good Market

Day 28

I have been looking forward to going to the market on this Saturday for most of the summer.  It was suppose to be a very busy day, because there was a popular car show downtown, on the street adjacent to our market.  It could have been very busy, but it rained and was cold for most of the day. Despite the weather, when the rain did stop people came out.  I sold two items and took one order, more than last weekend, which was non.

I am thankful that I did have sales.  I am also thankful, that after a few years, I decided to bite the bullet and get involved in a weekly market.  Seeing the vendors every week builds relationships too. Going to the same place every week for 12 or so weeks is comforting.

We were also invited to a pot luck gathering this afternoon .  Due to the weather the gathering was postponed until tomorrow.  I am very thankful for this.  After a day of standing in the cold and rain it is good to stay at home on the couch, where it is warm. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thankful For Every Day Life

Day 26 And 27

I have discovered that even on days when not much is going on I can still find something to be thankful for. 

Yesterday I tilled up the ground beside the driveway.  This meant taking out the gravel that over the years have embedded itself into the dirt.  Once most of the stones were out I topped it with fresh topsoil then scattered the grass seed on it.  It felt good and thankful this was finished.

Today I delivered a few mugs and my maple leaf spoons rests to the Artisans of Muskoka.  The first three years of living here I sold pottery in two other stores, both went under.  The owner of this store is nice and has had this store for many years.  I am thankful for all the sales I have had in this store. 

I took some time and made two more leaf platters with mice on them.  I call them my cheese platters.  People like little animals on things and I am thankful for this gift, past down to me. My great great grandfather carved monuments and I carve clay.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gravel Walkway Cut Down To Size

Day 25

Last summer we put gravel in the driveway and up the walkway, behind the garage. The gravel was put level with the man door. When the snow flew and melted it had no place to run except into the garage under the door.  We got fourteen feet of snow last winter, it was a challenge keeping the snow cleared and the garage dry.

All summer long I looked at the walk and thought, the gravel needs to be taken down to a few inches below the door.

The wet summer bred many mosquitoes and dear flies.  They drained my ambition to garden or dig out the gravel.  

Last week while baby sitting our granddaughter and a cold I managed to get a few wheel barrows out.  I was hard work and I'd only gotten a few feet of the twelve or more feet done.  This could take a long time maybe a week or more. 

Today Dave dug out a few more feet, then I tackled it.  As I moved along the wall the grade naturally went down.  Instead of taking a few inches out, only and inch or so needed to be removed.  In no time at all I was finished.  Time for lunch.

One thing I have discovered about myself is that I take more energy and time wondering, worrying or thinking about getting a project done, than it takes to do the project. Just get it done and stop the worrying is the best plan.

I am thankful that Dave helped out and the grade was going down instead of up, making the job easier.  I am also thankful it is finished.

The rain came so I ventured inside to my pottery studio and made two large frog platters.

This photo is one of my frog platters I have made.  They are all made in different colours, shapes and sizes. I pick a leaf from the garden and press the  flat clay into it to achieve the leaf look. My hand sculpted frog is place some place in the bowl.   I am starting to put mice in them for cheese trays. Thankful once again for my artistic gift.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drum Lessons

Day 24

September is here time to get back to routine. 

Tuesday morning Dave and I went to our church to play music with our pastor. I am learning to play the drums and Dave the guitar.  Our pastor either plays the guitar or piano and patiently teaches us.  Today our youth pastor  joined us and played the base. I am thankful that we have a musical pastor, with patients to teach me the drums. We have other experienced drummers in our church, yet he still puts me on worship about once a month, schedule permitting.  It is never to old to learn something new.

After lunch I decided I should get some of my testimony written. God put it upon my heart to rewrite it over a year ago. The first time I wrote it was during a massive amount of healing from God.  It was written from a hurt perspective.  This time it will be written from a victory perspective. I am only on chapter two, from 5 years to high school. Since God has healed me from my past, starting from the beginning is best.   I am thankful God has done a miracle in my life. Stayed tuned for more details.

After cutting the grass and going for a bike ride one needs to relax. Curled up on the couch with a good book is one of my favorite ways to relax, once cool weather comes.  I'm still reading the Savannah series by Eugenia Price, almost done the third and last book.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Being Content In All Things

Day 23

I think ,over many years, I have learned to be content in most, if not all things. 

It is calling for showers for most of this week.  Today it was sunny.  I wanted to get my grass cut before the rain. 

I could have stayed home to get the grass cut.  Instead I went to Huntsville to run a couple of errands. Once at home I had enough time to cut the back lawn before lunch. After lunch I decided to go to our church's ladies knitting group in Bracebridge.   We are making blankets for the hospital and hospice. I picked up some groceries before coming home. 

I got home at 4:20, put away the groceries and put rice in the rice cooker. There was 1/2 an hour to spare, enough time to get half of the front lawn cut. The rest of the lawn might get cut tomorrow, if it doesn't rain.  

Normally this is not significant, except I used to have to plan my day.  I did not like changes.  What if what I had planned did not get done?  Oh no!

Today I thought - the lawn will get cut.  If it rains for a few days and the lawn doesn't get cut the world will not end.  Today I changed my plans and enjoyed the fellowship with the ladies. Life is not about getting work done.  It needs to be balanced with fellowship and fun.

Peace is much better then stress. 

I am thankful I am learning to go with the flow and let peace reign.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Healing Church

Five years ago we moved to this new neighborhood.  I did not know anyone and I was lonely.  In December 2009 we found a church.  People we not friendly.  They had been hurt and were holding on to theirs.  No one wanted to reach out to new people.  I did not want to stay.  Other people came and then left the church.  I knew God wanted us there, but I did not know why.

This evening we went to one of the members house for a baptism service in the lake. We had a corn on the cob feast with salads and dessert.  Some of us went for a swim too. 

Four years ago when I first went to this gathering hardly any one talked to me and I felt they were clustering into their clicks.  Only a few people went swimming.  We didn't have young families with kids either.

Today was a different story. I know many people and we are now more like a family.  I socialized with  many people and felt comfortable.

Of course this did not happen over night.  God has been healing this church and they are listening.

I am thankful I stayed with this church and this church is not hard hearted, but flexible.

Those who are flexible shall not be broken.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bluejay Platter

Day 21

I find it hard to believe that I have been writing about my thankfulness for 3 weeks, although I have missed a few days.  Normally life gets in the way and I forget that to continue.  They say it takes 20 days to make or break a habit.  So far this good habit has been going quite well.

Yesterday we had a hot humid day, ending with severe thunderstorm and lots of rain.  I lay in bed in the early this morning hoping and praying the rain would end before I had to set up for the market. It did.  I am very glad it stopped raining before the 100 K Huntsville Market started.  A few sprinkles came down during set up, not much.  This year despite the wet summer God has blessed us with good  weather on Saturdays. Thank you Lord.

The main customers, our cottagers, have headed back to Toronto, USA and elsewhere. For the first Saturday this summer I did not have any sales. I am thankful that I have I sold a few pieces of pottery every Saturday I have been there, except today.  I have also made money this year at the market.  Not only that, I have also made contacts and people are getting to know who I am.  My pottery, after 5 years of living here, is getting recognized.  Repeat customers are happening. 

I can only be thankful God has gifted me and also revealed this gift to me.  Years ago I thought I had no talent. Today someone thought my bluejay platter was a photograph glued to my platter with varnish over it.  I hand painted 3 coats of China paint, each coat being fired in the kiln. Most of my platters are in the kiln 5 times.  You can see this platter on my Etsy site.  Here is another one of my China paintings. A pumpkin tray for thanksgiving harvest.

One great thing about doing a weekly market is developing friendships with the other vendors.  This is the markets second year and my first year.  I was asked to go in it last year but I wasn't prepared.  I am glad I waited a year.

I am thankful that when I am tired we can go out to dinner.  Thankful for restaurants, waitresses and money to pay for it.  Several years ago money was tight.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Taking Care Of A Little One

Day 19 and 20

Taking care of my 20 month old granddaughter is tiring. So tiring I was too tired to write a blog last night.

As I took care of Sarah this week, while her mother worked in town, I wondered how  many grandparents have the energy to raise their grandchildren.  I am very thankful that my daughters are married, Christians and established with their lives.  I only wish my younger daughter didn't live so far away.

I am thankful my cold is 90% gone and it didn't wear me out while babysitting. Years ago I didn't have patience, but God has taught me not to sweat the small stuff which gives me an almost stress free life. I am not perfect. 

I am also thankful that I don't have to write a lot since this is my blog. Therefore this is a short one.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quiet Time

Day 18

Quiet time is what I am thankful for at this minute.  I enjoy company, but I also enjoy quiet time.  Our granddaughter, Sarah, is in her crib, down for the night, our daughter is out for a jog and my husband, Dave is working on the truck before it gets dark. I am sitting on the couch by myself.

I think we wore Sarah out yesterday.  She had 2 naps and is in bed by 6:15.  She has had a busy past two weeks being on holiday and now it could have caught up with her.  I am thankful she is smart and easy to take care of even on a day like today when she is a bit cranky. She hasn't reached the terrible twos  yet. I like this age of toddlers. They see and do  everything with such enthusiasms and joy. Everything is new to them.  They haven't gotten to the place of taking life for granted. Seeing things from a toddlers perspective makes one appreciate life again.

Dave was generous enough to give me a cold, not! I am thankful that we have medication to ease the symptoms.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Day 17

I am thankful that God has blessed me with my husband of 37 years, 2 married daughters and grandchildren.

Today while babysitting Sarah, our 4th granddaughter, she helped me move some gravel with the wheel barrow.  Even though she likes playing in gravel I think she enjoyed the wheel barrow rides better the filling of the wheel barrow.  She sat on my lap while I got the last few weeds out of the flower bed.  Thankful that is done.
Having fun with grandchildren makes one youthful.  Children laugh at the slightest things.  We should laugh more often.  Laughter is the best medicine.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Family Time

Day 15 and 16

I am thankful for the lovely wedding of our friends yesterday.  All went well, the weather, the venue, fun with friends.  The travel on the long weekend was good, no incidences, unlike last week when a car on fire on the multi-lane highway brought us to a crawl. Our hotel, The Comfort Inn, allowed us to check in early so we could change for the wedding.

Our daughter and granddaughter arrived by supper.  Our daughter is working in town and we will be babysitting.  Thankful for our family and grandchildren.