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Friday, September 19, 2014

Caked On Mud

Day 34

I enjoy people, but occasionally it is nice to get away to peace and quiet and our cottage in the fall is just that place.

On the farm I grew up on, the woods was just behind the house. It was my place of refuge. Now the woods is also a place I hear from God, in his own nature.

This morning I had a vivid dream.  Those normally are from God.  God revealed through this dream something I needed to change about my thinking.  Later as I went for my walk through the woods I wondered about something strange in the dream. The dream began with me going outside to scrape mud, I acquired in the house, off my shoes   In real life I would be scraping the mud off my shoes before I came inside.

As I pondered if this was significance the verse in the bible that tells us to go witness to people, if they will not have anything to do with us, leave them, but first shake the dust off your feet popped into my head.  Shaking the dust off our feet symbolizes that we are not to take any hard feeling or negativity or anything from these people, just move on.

I didn't have dust on my feet, but caked on mud which I got while inside.   God revealed in my dream that I acted a certain way due to what happened to me at birth.  I needed to change my thinking before I could move on. I had spent all my life not shaking the dust from my feet. It was now caked on mud that is waying me down. I was now taking it off outside my house, my life. 

 I am thankful that God never gives up on us and is always teaching, leading and healing me.

All summer I have wanted to wax the car, but Dave needed to touch up the paint first, which he did last week.  I brought wax to the cottage.  The day was cool and sunny. Perfect day for washing and waxing the car, not one of my favorite jobs.  Thankful that is done.

Today was a peaceful relaxing day with sun shine and weather warm enough to sit outside and read.  These days are numbered as winter is just around the corner.  I am so thankful I decided to come to the cottage to enjoy days like this.  

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