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Monday, September 8, 2014

Being Content In All Things

Day 23

I think ,over many years, I have learned to be content in most, if not all things. 

It is calling for showers for most of this week.  Today it was sunny.  I wanted to get my grass cut before the rain. 

I could have stayed home to get the grass cut.  Instead I went to Huntsville to run a couple of errands. Once at home I had enough time to cut the back lawn before lunch. After lunch I decided to go to our church's ladies knitting group in Bracebridge.   We are making blankets for the hospital and hospice. I picked up some groceries before coming home. 

I got home at 4:20, put away the groceries and put rice in the rice cooker. There was 1/2 an hour to spare, enough time to get half of the front lawn cut. The rest of the lawn might get cut tomorrow, if it doesn't rain.  

Normally this is not significant, except I used to have to plan my day.  I did not like changes.  What if what I had planned did not get done?  Oh no!

Today I thought - the lawn will get cut.  If it rains for a few days and the lawn doesn't get cut the world will not end.  Today I changed my plans and enjoyed the fellowship with the ladies. Life is not about getting work done.  It needs to be balanced with fellowship and fun.

Peace is much better then stress. 

I am thankful I am learning to go with the flow and let peace reign.

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