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Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 29, Worship, Day 30 Fun With New Friends

Day 29

That was yesterday, Sunday.  I had such a good time I didn't have time to blog.

Our female pastor, Wendy, spoke on 'what are you looking at'. When we take our eyes off of Jesus, stress and worry over our circumstance happen and Jesus can't move in our lives. Years ago God gave me a vision.  I was in a small boat in a storm.  I had no way of maneuvering this boat. The light house, Jesus, was on the shore.  As long as I kept my focus on the Light house I was secure, protected from the storm around me.

I am thankful for great worship and a good sermon.

We came home from church, grabbed some lunch, and I took my blueberry cheese cake out of the fridge. Oh no! The blueberry topping didn't set.  When I cut it into squares the berries juice ran into the cuts.  I had no choice but to take it to the pot luck, corn boil, barbeque at our friends.  I told our friends my problem they said 'that's how we like it'. How comforting. I guess everyone else agreed as there wasn't any left, Dave desired to have left overs for home. 

There were many people at the gathering I didn't know.  Normally this makes me uncomfortable. I talked to someone I knew. Dave was talking to people I didn't recognize.  I decided to join them and am I glad I did. It turned out they grew up in Sudbury.  We lived there for 33 years.  There was lots to talk about.  I felt like I had known Carol Ann for years. Such fun I had with her. Of course they enjoyed my Sudbury blueberries.  Sudbury is known for its wild blueberries.

I am thankful I have learned to not be so shy and that I went to talk to this couple. If I hadn't broken out of my shell I wouldn't have met a new friend.

Day 30

One whole month of being thankful.

Today it rained, again! Apparently the cold wet weather is a result of the volcano in Iceland, possible. That has happened before. My father tells me that when his grandfather was farming there was a major volcano in South America.  They had frost every month and couldn't grow their grain.

Today started with me writing more of my testimony.

We had to put the pellet stove on to take the chill off the basement. It wasn't cold in the basement while I made more of my frog and mice leaf platters and bowls.  I formed one frog into an according playing frog sitting with his long legs crossed.  Think of Kermit.

When I began to make pottery a friend told me I am to make cartoon animals.  I haven't made very many of them because my insecurity had kept me in bondage.  No more, it was fun and easy making this frog. More to come.

Once again I am thankful for the gifts God has given me.  Once upon a  time in my life I believed I had no talent.  I might never get used to my talent. 

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