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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Healing Church

Five years ago we moved to this new neighborhood.  I did not know anyone and I was lonely.  In December 2009 we found a church.  People we not friendly.  They had been hurt and were holding on to theirs.  No one wanted to reach out to new people.  I did not want to stay.  Other people came and then left the church.  I knew God wanted us there, but I did not know why.

This evening we went to one of the members house for a baptism service in the lake. We had a corn on the cob feast with salads and dessert.  Some of us went for a swim too. 

Four years ago when I first went to this gathering hardly any one talked to me and I felt they were clustering into their clicks.  Only a few people went swimming.  We didn't have young families with kids either.

Today was a different story. I know many people and we are now more like a family.  I socialized with  many people and felt comfortable.

Of course this did not happen over night.  God has been healing this church and they are listening.

I am thankful I stayed with this church and this church is not hard hearted, but flexible.

Those who are flexible shall not be broken.

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