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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Bushel Of Tomatoes

Day 34

I am a few days late with this blog as life is good and I'm  visiting my daughter and grandchildren.

Saturday was a day I call a God - cidences.

Every fall I can a bushel of tomatoes.  Canned tomatoes go into my spaghetti sauces, soups and other delicious dishes.  This year the tomatoes are not very good due to the excessive rain rotting them on the vines.  Perhaps I should buy canned ones.  As I thought about my decision I didn't want tomatoes from a tin can.  They don't taste as good as mine and the metal cans are not as healthy as my jars.  Some companies put sugar in the tomatoes.  Why? is what I ask.  Maybe to make them look better or possibly because people are addicted to sugar.   Apparently 100 years ago the average person consumed 10 pound of sugar a year. Now the average consumption if 170 to 200 pounds per year.  Again I wonder why is there sugar in tomatoes. I don't want more sugar than I need.

My mind had been changed, if I could find some tomatoes I would can. If not I would have to buy the store canned ones.

Saturday morning the weather was clear and cool.  Perhaps I did make the wrong decision to not sell my pottery at the farmers market. Too late for that now.

As planned I went to Orillia to pick up a few items at the health food store.  They were out of stock.  A wasted trip, so I thought.

Across the road was the Saturday morning Orillia market.  Oh well why not wander around it.  The first stall had two bushes of very good tomatoes. Now that I decided to can my tomatoes God made a way for me to buy some. 

I call these God-cidences or His direction.  If I'd gone to the health food store on Friday or not at all, which I considered, I would have missed the Orillia market and these tomatoes. 

Around 11:30 the rain came.  If I'd gone to the market I probably would have packed up in the rain. I am thankful I decided to go to Orillia instead of my market. .

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