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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Yard Work Done

Day 42 & 43

The weather for these two days was calling for a sunny sky.  A great day for yard work.

Two of my orange lilies were blocking other plants and needed to be moved.  When one plant is transplanted it becomes several plants. There were two places in other gardens that needed to be filled with something other than natural plants commonly called weeds.  Both areas were filled with the lily roots and I still had about 10 roots left.  I was thinking wouldn't it be nice if I knew some who'd want these plants.  I started to dig another hole on a bank full of grass and in the driveway comes a motorcycle friend whom  we have shared other plants.  He took the rest of the lilies.  I call this another God- cidence instead of coincidence.

On Tuesday when we got home from our daughters, our driveway had turned red with fallen leaves and the lawn was several inches high.  It is rare for me to rake the leaves before the grass stops growing.  Leaves don't normally fall this early in season, but some changed color in August. 

The leaves were rakes and  most of the lawn was cut.  I was getting tired and contemplated leaving the rest for tomorrow, but I didn't want to do it tomorrow and they are calling for rain.  I persevered and the lawn is cut and we can see our driveway which I am thankful I finished it. The raking has become much quicker since Dave gave me a great idea to haul the leaves away.  I used to load up the wheel barrow, now I lay a tarp on the ground and fill it with leaves.  Dave helps me haul the laves to my vegetable garden. What used to be abut 10 trips is now only one. So much time save, thanks to Dave's suggestion.

Of course there will be more leaves to rake as some are still green.

The sun did not show itself for these two days, but it didn't rain, which became the updated weather report.

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