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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frogs, Fatique and Rain

Day 45, 46 & 47

For  three days I’ve not taken the time to blog my thankfulness.  I could say I didn’t have the time to blog, people spend their money and their time on what they feel is important.  If it is not important they will find all sorts of excuses why they don’t have the time or the money.  I found lots of excuses these past 3 days, but I don’t remember any of them.

This past month I have made several larger frog and mice platters.  I wanted to do at least 4 smaller ones before the frost ate my hosta leaves.  Thankfully I got the four platters finished today.  Now on to small pitchers for maple syrup and a few larger ones.  

I was hoping to get these started on Tuesday.  We had our drum lesson in the morning with our pastor then I went grocery shopping.  When I came home I felt exhausted.  I think the past week’s events have caught up with me.  The weather was also sunny,  a rarity this year, I wasn’t going to stay in the basement doing pottery on a day like this.  Initially I thought I’d remove some stones that  I’ve wanted move all summer.  Heavy loading in my fatigue state wasn't the best idea I've had. I had bought my fall fertilizer so why not spread that.  Walking behind the fertilizer spreader was much easier than hauling wheel barrows of stones. The rain came back washing the fertilizer in. This was a good decision.  I am thankful I made this choice.  

We were going to the cottage for a few days then coming home for me to do my last farmers market day, Thanksgiving Saturday.  I spent the  rest of the afternoon packing up my pottery for the market. I am always thankful when a job is done.
Today, Wednesday we came to the cottage.  On Sunday the weather was calling for Tuesday to be rainy and the rest of the week sunny.  I have no idea why waste my time watching the weather report.  The opposite happened.

Despite the rain the cottage is always a relaxing place to vedge out at.  The fire is stoked, the cottage is warm and the book I am reading is very interesting.  Dave and I did get out for a walk, a short one as the clouds were baring down on us. We got a bit wet on the way back, thankfully it wasn’t a down pour.

 Now if the internet would work I might be able to post this.  I’m thankful that we at least have some internet.  A few years ago there was none at the cottage.  Next year the internet will improve.  I didn't get to post this until Thursday morning. 

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