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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Clean Up

One and a half years ago in April we had so much rain it washed out roads and flooded homes along the river.  We had no damage other than a road near us washed out, which meant going a different route.  I am thankful we didn't have damage.

The following summer and fall we had lots of rain.  Then winter came with 14 feet of snow.  Not all at once, a few inches or more almost every day.  Spring arrived and again the precipitation turned back to rain.  Since then it seems to rain for 4 days then clear for a couple of days.  If it wasn't for the odd clear days we'd be flooded like the 40 days of rain in the days of Noah.  God did promised never to wipe us out by a flood again, but at times I wonder about this.  Just kidding, as my granddaughter would say.  The ground might be soggy and puddles dot the fields and lawns, but we are not going to flood, thankfully. 

I could say I am thankful we have the rain, really this much? I am thankful I live in a dry warm home instead of the streets as some people do.

In the fall the leaves need to be raked, perennials cut down, grass mowed one last time and the vegetable garden tilled under.  A few days ago the rain stopped, most of the leaves got raked. All but one garden was cleaned up and I managed to dig up my calla lilies and dahlias.  It didn't take long.  When another few days of dry weather come I might get there rest finished.  I've been wanting to move some stones out from around the house.  A miracle might happen and I could get it done before the snow flies.  One thing I am thankful for is that if the stones don't get moved, there is always next spring. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is my garden. 

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