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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thankful For Small Things

Many years ago God showed me that he even cares about the small things in our lives.  We should never belittle the small stuff and be thankful for all.

Before I had lazer eye surgery I wore soft contact lenses.  Every evening I would put my contacts in a solution of hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes, then store them in a sailing solution with a disk at the bottom of the container that dissolved the hydrogen peroxide.  You don't want to forget this step and put lenses sitting in hydrogen peroxide in your eye.  You can't get them out fast enough.  I know this from experience.

One evening, thinking I had been to sleep for a several hours, I got up to go to the bathroom.  After I go pee, I fumble in the dark, at the sink, feeling for the glass to get a drink.  I always do this. What goes out must come in.  This one evening, in the dark I was running my hand around the counter hoping it would stumble upon the glass.  I knocked over my contact case.  Now I had to turn on the light and replace the sailing solution that had spilled out of the  container.  My contacts were still sitting in the hydrogen peroxide.  I had forgotten to put them in the sailing solution.  If I noticed this in the morning I would not be able to where them for a while and we were heading on a trip first thing in the morning.

I noticed that I had only been asleep for the few minutes, not the hours as  I  thought. God knew my nightly habit and that I would want to wear my lenses as soon as I got up.  It wasn't something that I needed, but wanted.  God cared about my wants to took care of them.

I have had many times when God has done something small for me and it happened the other day.

I like to garden, but I don't relish doing the fall clean up when it is cold and wet, especially when my hands and gloves are wet and cold.   The other day it was snowing and my calla lilies were still in my  huge pottery pot.  If the pot wasn't emptied the wet soil would freeze and break my pot. 

A friend had recently given Dave a pair of diving dry gloves. They were too small for him and too small for Dave and too big for me. Sounds like Goldi Locks' dilemma.  We were going to give them to our son-in-law, Rich, who teaches scuba diving.  He might know someone whom they would fit.

With the snow falling I put on my winter coat and these gloves and took my calla lilies out of the pot.  My hands stayed dry and warm. All I had to do was run them under the tap to wash them. Sorry Rich I am keeping this gift from a friend, which I am thankful for.  

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