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Friday, December 12, 2014

Follow God - Enjoy Life

 I opened my Etsy store April 2009.  In September 2009 we moved to a brand new community, 2 1/2 hours drive from where we had lived for 33 years.

During the next 3 years I promoted my Etsy shop the best I could.  Learning how Etsy works, finding my way around this new town and working on our new home was a challenge.  God directed us to a new church and I became involved in the art community. New people, missing my old friends, new everything, my time was stretched.

Our new to us home was not landscaped.  Good thing I enjoy gardening and landscaping.  Our basement was an uninsulated apartment, which we gutted to converted into my pottery studio and a family room.  The workshop for my motorcycle mechanic husband was only a shell, no concrete floor, insulation or drywall. Now it is a heated insulated workshop, with a flour, drywall and paint. We built a garage to keep our cars out of the winter elements.  Clearing snow and scraping ice off the windshield is not my favorite activity. These were only a few of the renovations we did to make this house our home.

Five years have come and gone.  There are more projects we want to tackle, but now we can slow down and breathe.  Last year, 2013 I finally  had time to promote my Etsy shop and get more involved in the teams I had joined.

I've been making pottery since 2003.  It takes less time to make my pottery and the quality has much improved. Very little of it goes back in the bucket.

This fall I took stock of where I want to go with my pottery.

Now that I can make my bowls, mug and toothbrush holders quicker I have more time to be creative with my pieces.

When I began to make pottery I made a whimsical pig.  A friend told me this is what God wants me to make, but I was too busy learning how to make good pottery to get creative with it.   

That time is now at hand to take God's direction.  My mind has been designing decorative whimsical pottery.  Excitement is building.  It must come out my head, through my hands into the clay.  The more decorative pottery I make the more my imagination creates and the more fun I have. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

God created us to enjoy life and when we are following Him our life is enjoyable.

Next year will be a new beginning with new pottery for my Etsy site and to sell locally.  Next week I'll fire in the kiln my first load of fun pottery. I can't wait to see where this new direction will take me.

A sneak preview. These are two plates waiting to be bisque fired.
But they are not completed. 

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