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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Busy Weekend With Family

What a busy weekend.

I am thankful for the finances, energy and our car to be able to do what we did this past weekend.

For a week we took care of our daughter's two large dogs. Friday morning we drove north for two hours to take them home and picked up our beef.  We split a cow with our daughter and her family. It was good to spend some time with Liz, Rich and Sarah.  We even got to pick Sarah up at day care.  She was quite puzzled that Grandma came instead of Mom or Dad.

We came home around 9:30.  I put a pot of beans in the slow cooker, had a shower and flopped into bed.  So thankful for cozy bed with a good mattress. 

The alarm buzzed at 6:00 on a Saturday. Ten minutes later we were heading to church, with my pot of beans,  to serve our community breakfast. Other than doing  laundry, my Saturday afternoon was resting until our next trip.

Just after 5 p.m. we were back in the car heading south to the Toronto airport to have dinner with our younger daughter and her family, who just flew home from a holiday in China. They had a 4 hours to kill before their flight home to Fredericton, N.B.  Any time we can spend with them is good, even this short supper at the airport.

Sunday morning we were up early again, not as early as Saturday, and off to church for worship practice.  Practice went well and so did my drumming during the service.  I'm trying not get nervous when I play, works better this way.

Sunday afternoon more time to rest before we headed back to church for 6 p.m.   We ended a video series on marriage. 

These past few days I've been slowing cleaning the house, which is desperately needed after the two dogs, one that sheds lots of fur.  I even managed to get some pottery made, something I haven't done for a month or so. 

Despite this life is slowing down for me.

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