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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chores To Be Done.

I have decided not to count the days that I blog.  Life gets in the way and at times there is no time to blog.  It is on the bottom of my list as it is not as important as making pottery or promoting it.

I have been promoting my pottery on my Etsy.  This year all the sales have been down, again.  I say again because every year I work harder and every year the sales are just a bit lower than the year before. 

I am thankful that I do have some sales as I would be tripping over my pottery. This year my shelves are full of pottery.  I plan to make whimsical figurines instead of mugs and bowls and toothbrush holders.  I also want to make yarn bowls and colanders along with other kitchen wares. Years ago a Christian told me that whimsical animals ect is what I am to do. That is not what I have been doing.  Perhaps God has not blessed me with many sales to force me to make whimsical figurines.

It is now break time from the pottery.  The house needed to be cleaned, baking to be done and most important the yard work cleaned up before winter descends on us.  While the rain poured down I was able to clean the house and get the baking that I wanted done, done.  I am now waiting for the timer to tell me it is finished, then I shall go back outside. A friend came down from Sudbury today.  Dave worked on his motorcycle and he worked on a computer. Gardening did not get done.

I went to the dentist and had a molar pulled.  As I sat in the chair dreading this experience I thought at least we have good dentists with freezing, unlike the old days with no freezing and more rotten teeth.

The sun finally showed it's face yesterday.  The ground was wet and muddy, a perfect time to weed the vegetable garden. The last of the vegetables are out too, the carrots.  One more area to do, then put the leaves on it and possibly cut the lawn. Perhaps tomorrow. 

I am very thankful that the sun is out. It has been dreary for such and long time.  One never knows how long it will say as the weather forecasts aren't very accurate. 

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