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Friday, October 17, 2014

Family Visits

Day 51 to 56

Here I go again with a several  days of not blogging. 

Sunday we had a good church service then we drove up to our daughter's for a thanksgiving dinner.  I have always lived around 6 hours from my family.  In 2009 Elizabeth and Rich moved about 2 hours from us.  Now I am able to visit for one day.  I am thankful that we are closer to at least one daughter.

Monday was a pottery day. I have one maple syrup pitcher to make by Christmas. If they were finished today they would be dry enough to fire in a couple of weeks, and finished by Christmas shows and for sure Christmas.  I was able to make 3 maple syrup sizes and four larger ones.  I am thankful these are finished.  I prepared clay for my tri-colour ones, last week. I will get to them next week.  My pottery is finished for the year, now I will be able to clean up the garden, weather permitting.

Tuesday we decided to visit our parents and siblings in the Niagara Peninsula.  I am thankful that we now live three hours from them instead of 6 which we did for 33 years.

About 40 years ago my brother and sister decided to sell the pumpkins my mother had grown at the end of the drive.  My brother has converted that wheel barrow of sales into an amusement fun time.  I haven't been able to visit the Howell Pumpkin Farm while open in about 20 years.  The games are open on Tuesday evening for cheep Tuesday so I was glad we were able to see it open. Pumpkins can be bought any time.  Jerry gave us some tickets to try his new cannon apple thrower.  We saw the canons when he brought them in.  It was quite fun shooting at targets on hay bales or the old combine. We also tried his new paint ball zombi, another show we've watched him make.  Here is his website.

Often we visit mid week when my sisters work. Both were on holiday. Wednesday afternoon and evening we had a very good visit in my younger sisters newly renovated family room.  Of course it is good to visit with my father who is almost 92 and Dave's stepmother who is 85.  Those visits will not last for ever. 

On the way home, today, we stopped at the RV show in Toronto. We are in the market for a travel trailer. Seeing many at once opens our options in a short time.

Of course I am thankful that God once again blessed us with good travel both ways. 

This has been a very good week which again I am thankful for.

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