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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Creativity My Way

Opening and unloading my kiln of glazed pottery is like opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning.  I know what I have made but funny things happen in the kiln and I never know how the pottery will turned out.  Some pieces might not turn out the way I would like and occasionally the odd piece is tossed in the garbage. That did happen today.

As soon as I opened my kiln I noticed that one of my frog platters moved too close to a pitcher.  They were fused together like a marriage.  Fortunately I was able to break them apart with minimal damage.  The platter is fine and there is a couple of unglazed spots on the pitcher.  That can be reglazed and fired again, unlike my frog and mouse platter.

Two places on the edges of the frog platter came apart.  As I was cleaning the bottom of the mouse platter I noticed a crack on it. Grabbing both ends I gave it a tug. CRACK!  Now I had two mice platters.  Unfortunately these were two of my better platters.

The rest of the kiln turned out fine.  I will have them for sale at this weekend at the Christmas Craft show in Huntsville and next weekend at the sports complex in Bracebridge.
One of my joys is taking raw clay and creating what ever is on my mind.  So thankful God directed me into my calling.  

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