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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Follow God and Write

Dpt ay 45

Last Sunday while visiting my daughter's church in Fredericton the sermon spoke to me, more than usual. 

It was about God appearing to Moses in the burning bush, Exodus 3. God wanted Moses to go back to Egypt and rescue the Israelite's, Pharaoh slaves.  Forty years ago he ran away from Egypt to save his life.  Going back terrified him.  He made several excuses why God shouldn't chose him.

The question asked us, 'what has God called us to do and what excuses have we made'.

 I know God has called me to make pottery and play the drums, which I am not making excuses to do.   I prayed what have you called me to do. My answer - write your story.

I began to write it a year ago, did the prologue then stopped.   My excuse is fear of persecution which leads to, ' I don't have time and numerous other reasons'.   A few Christians did not believed me and I became careful whom  I share it to.  I don't know where this will go.  That is not my concern, just follow and write for now. 
This afternoon was quiet.  I pulled out my computer and typed away.  My background is close to being finished, first draft naturally.  Perseverance wins the race.

I am thankful for this sermon and that I took time to write today.  I'm on my way.   

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