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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Exercise For Health

Day 44

The past two days was suppose to be sunny. This morning was the sunny day and I chose to stay inside and do the motorcycle books.  The paperwork had been piling up. It doesn't take long to impute them into our quick books program.  In 2003 I switched from a spread sheet to Quickbooks and I was frustrated.  Our accountant came to the house to teach me the program.  I told him I wanted to quit as it seamed confusing.  He told me to press through. Am I ever glad I did.  Now it is easy, almost boring, inputting the books.

I am thankful didn't succumb to the sunny weather, but stayed inside a got my books done.

Day 45

During the summer our pastor decided to raise money for our church's free community breakfast through Ride for Refuge  He asked who would like to bike to raise money.

For the past two years I have wanted to get back into exercising, bicycling being one way.  This was my motivation. I was hoping to cycle at least 4 times a week, that didn't happen.  I must be in better shape than I thought . My practice run is hills, which I can bike between 10 to 8 km.  I did not know the road the ride was on, I opted for the 10 km course.  Twenty km and 50 were the other choices.  The route was quite flat.  I rode 17 km, but probably could have done the 20 km. 

I did accomplish my goal.  I am becoming more fit.  Exercise does more than help loose weight.  It releases chemicals that make me feel like I've lost 10 pounds and build my muscles, giving me strength.  Too bad it wasn't real pounds.  If I slack in my future exercise I'll have to remember how much better I feel when I exercise. 

I am very thankful I decided to Ride for Refuge. Our church almost raised our goal too.

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