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Monday, August 18, 2014

For the Sun and Warmth

Day 4

We have had a rainy summer.  Most of the rain has fallen during the week. Last week it seemed like the rain would not end.

I like to hang my  laundry on the clothes line.  You can't beat natures fresh air no matter what the commercials selling chemical freshness tell you. Last week the rain kept falling and the laundry kept growing. It  spilled out of the basket on to the floor burying the laundry room/ mud room  floor along with our shoes. The dresser drawers were getting lower, so low I was forced to wash one load and dry it in the dryer.

Today there was not a cloud in the sky all day, a rarity this summer.  I am thankful I got my laundry washed and dried on the line. 

Normally our grass is burnt brown by now. Not this year.  As the rain pours down the grass grows up.  When the sun comes out and dries up the lawn there is no time to fiddle around. The lawnmower must come out before the grass becomes a hayfield.  Today the sun came and the grass is cut, neat and tidy for another week.

I even got some time to ride my Yamaha TY trials bike around the lawn, between some tree stumps.  We are going to a vintage motorcycle rally this weekend where I can putt around on my motorcycle.  Putting around is all I do because that is all I like to do on trials motorcycle.

I am thankful that I was even able to get a few weeds out of my front flower bed.  The rain has been breading mosquitoes, which ate me every time I worked in the garden. Hiding in the house was a better option. As the theme of this blog continues the rain came down and the weeds grew up.

Today I am thankful for the warmth and sun allowing my to putter outside and get some work done.

I am also thankful for the peace a day like today brings.

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