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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pottery Sales -The Farn Fresh and Homemade Huntsville Market

Day 13 and 14

Once again I forgot to blog my thankfulness yesterday.  I had my nose stuck in a book - To See Your Face Again by Eugenia Price, I series I recommend. When I get a good book lots gets forgotten. Thankful for the ability to read.  I used to have a partial dyslexia so reading took a long time.  Compound words were backwards.  God healed this in me and the lines no longer moved on the page.  Also the print is black and white instead of a greyish color.

Yesterday, Friday, we came home from the cottage.  I mailed out two Etsy orders and we loaded the truck up for the Huntsville Farmers Market.  I am grateful for the gift of art and pottery God gave me and for all the sales I have had over the years.

We had a good time at the market today, Saturday.  It is from 9 am to 1 pm.  This morning I sold a large pitcher, the green one I showed a few days ago, a medium vase and a French butter crock to a lady before 9 am.  Today was the best sales of the summer.  I wasn't sure how labour day weekend would be as cottagers sometimes stay home to get ready for school and work. 

Thankful again for the pottery sales and all the compliments I get. I stamp my initials on the bottom of my pieces, but have problems stamping the hand made pitchers and toothbrush holders.  A gentleman suggested I stamp all  my pottery as it could be collectable one day.  That is encouraging, maybe prophetic.

Here is a photo of  a blue and white toothbrush holder, sold on Etsy.

I am also thankful that the rain forecast for today held off until dinner time.  It is no fun selling outside in the rain and packing up in the rain. 

Tomorrow we will be heading out of town to a wedding, therefore I won't be blogging until Monday, hopefully.  My daughter and granddaughter will be staying with us this week.  Our daughter is working in the area so we get to babysit our 18 month old granddaughter.

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