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Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Church

Day Three

It is Monday morning. I was suppose to write my thankful blog last night.  As I said there might be times in my life where I will not be able to write.  Last night was one of those times because we went to Peter's Players in Gravenhurst to see a Pat Travers play. Pete has concerts in his back yard studio which houses about 75 to 100 people on bleachers.

Loud rock music is not my favorite, but with ear plugs I was thankful we can afford to go to these shows once in a while and watch talented musicians.   I am also thankful for people like Pete who put on shows like this.  He always has an opening act and last night it was two men from Collingwood.  They were really good. Unfortunately I can't remember their names.

Of course yesterday was Sunday and we started the day going to church.  Four Sundays during the summer we haul out everything from a canopy, musical instruments and chairs for an outdoor service.  Being among God's creation some how makes it more peaceful and relaxing to worship God, which is what we did.  The service Pastor Steve put on was all about worshiping God.   I am thankful for the good church and our pastor who follows God, not religion.

God also gave me a word to speak to the church. It is easier to give the word in church where the wind doesn't carry your voice away. Normally when I get a word I stay in my seat.  I felt the need to go to the front, out of my comfort zone, to say this word.  It was "who do you worship God or religion?" I am thankful that God will even use me a, sinful person, to bring a word to the church.

There are many things to be thankful for.  One more thanks.

 I finished putting the last of the gold on my granddaughters China tea set I have been making for her.  I started this set 9 months ago.

Hope's tea set
I hope it turned out in the kiln. I won't take them out until tomorrow. Here is a picture of the first batch from the kiln, fired a month ago.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tea set!

Thanks for sharing about using a sinful person to give a message from God. I can relate to that for sure. NellywithWings.