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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cottage Time And Toilets

Day 11

Yesterday morning I told you about my thankful weekend.  I should have blogged last night for the yesterday.  I totally forgot.  I am reading novels by Eugenia Price. She researched and wrote novels about people who lived in Georgia and Florida during the growth and development of USA. History has always intrigued me.  It would have interested me more in school if the studies centered on what happened instead of trying to remember the dates.  The lives of people and their towns are far more interesting to me than when they lived, that is ancient history.

I get swept away by Eugenia Price's novels and I forgot to blog yesterday. I am thankful to writers who know how to tell a good tale of fictional or fiction based on truth.

Dave and I went to the cottage to get some R&R.  At home there are many things to keep me busy and sometimes worn out.  At the cottage I watch the river flow by.  The summer season is winding down and cottagers are getting ready for September.  It is quiet and peaceful.  A kayak, a tour boat and a few people fishing is all we have seen today. I never stop being thankful for this peace of heaven on earth, a cabin in the woods, inherited by my husband.

Yesterday and today I had a bit of diarrhea and it made me thankful for indoor plumbing. I had a choice today. I could be thankful for the indoor plumbing or I could complain about not being well. In all things there is a negative and a positive. Maybe it is easier for me to be thankful for our indoor plumbing. Up until 1999 we only had cold running water and and emergency indoor toilet. Up the hill to the outhouse I might have had to go.

What did we do without Google?  As I was thankful for the toilet I began to wonder how long have they been around. A long time. A toilet was discovered in the tomb of a Chinese king of the Western Han Dynasty that dates back to 206 BC to 24 AD, yet up until 1840 only the wealthy had toilets.  Did this ancient toilet go to sewers?  The Roman's built outhouses over the Tiber River, and people think we invented pollution.  I would want to be living upstream from the Romans.

Enough toilet talk. 

God has done a miraculous healing in my spirit, soul and body.  Upon His prodding I am writing it out.  Today in relaxing mode I  finished, first draft, of chapter one.  It is about my birth.  My healing obviously didn't start at birth.  How beautiful would that be if God healed every thing as it happened. That would lead to soft complacent people. We need a few knocks in life to be thankful for a good life. God did heal what happened to me at birth as is effected my life, which intertwines together.  One day you might be able to read my testimony. Once again I am thankful God is in my life and Jesus died on the cross for me.

I am thankful we have internet at the cottage and a computer to write this blog.

On another topic of being thankful - on the weekend while seeing many people I noticed some worried, others were afraid of small things while others laughed and had fun.  We all have past, but we all choose how to live out our lives.

Once again as I sit and ponder my day there is much to be thankful for and little to grumble about.

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