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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Motorcycling, Canoeing and Swimming

Day 12

In 1975 I met my husband.  Our first date was a motorcycle trial.  It was in the next farm around the corner from us. I drove there in my father's pickup truck.  Dave got someone to drive him and his two Bultaco motorcycles, as his car was in painting mode. That afternoon Dave took me on the back of his 325 Bultaco  through the bush around to the trials sections. At the end of the trial he asked me how I got there. I pointed to the pickup truck. His eyes lit up. He showed me where the gas and the brake, maybe the clutch too, was on one of his bikes and asked me to drive it to the truck.  I almost ran it into my dad's truck. He loaded the bikes up in the truck.  After a swim in our pool and supper at McDonald's I drove him home.

This was my introduction to motorcycle trials. Before the children came along I rode a few trials.  On and off I have ridden a trials bike on the trails and over small rocks.  The past few years I have not had a bike to ride. Now I have a TY 175.  This morning we went for a ride down our cottage roads and across the rocks.  I am thankful I didn't fall and I became a bit more comfortable riding. I did have fun, despite being nervous at first.

Another busy summer has almost ended. This year our canoe has sat untouched. The sun shone and wind was breezy. We put the canoe in the water and went for a paddle down river and into a swamp. Many baby snapping and painted turtles we basking in the sun on rocks and fallen logs. One can't help but enjoy the peace and beauty of this country while paddling in a canoe.  I am thankful for it all.

Despite the cool breeze the warm river was pleasant enough for a swim.  This might be the last swim for the season. I am thankful that my parents had a love for the water which they passed on to me. 

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