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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rain Held Off

Day 6

The weather was calling for rain today. Nothing new since it has rained every Tuesday and Wednesday since June, and for the first time it didn't rain yesterday, Tuesday.

Normally I wouldn't mind the rain.  I would do something inside.  Today I  had to dig up the roots of my ornamental grasses for a friend, I'll see her husband tomorrow.  I had visions of digging them out wearing my rain gear.  The rain stopped before we got out of bed and didn't come back until after supper. I had them out before breakfast.  These grasses are taller than I am, a great backdrop or for a statement corner.

Not only did I get the grasses dug up, I also put fertilizer on my back lawn and the rain washed it in. Thank you for the rain holding off.

A camping trip is in the plan for the weekend, at a motorcycle rally.  Lots of packing needed to be done.  David and I have packed and loaded the truck and trailer.

I am thankful God has given me a gift of organization and taught me to slow down.  I used to run halter-skelter when I had many things to do.  I would jump from packing in the bedroom then remember something I needed from the basement.  In the middle of my packing I'd run down stairs to get it. While downstairs I'd remember something to be done in the kitchen. To the kitchen I would go.  This was a waste of time as my time was spent running from room to room.

Today the food was packed, then the clothes.  I even had time to go for bicycle ride.

On day two I included a photo of my pitchers.  The first photos were taken inside which caused the color to be off.  These photos are the true color.  I make other colors of these too.

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