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Friday, February 3, 2017

Ring And Trinket Dishes

I have noticed that other potters make cute little dishes to set your rings, spare change or other trinkets on. 

Last year we cleaned my husband's step-mother's house, who passed away.  In the basement in an old dresser drawer was a cardboard box.  Inside this box was an assortment of cotton doilies. I brought the box home, along with several other items from the house. 

I like a few doilies to set on my dresser tops, but one can only have so many doilies.  Then I remembered that I had made designs on some of my pottery by pressing a piece of webbing into the wet clay, like on this juice pitcher. 

I rolled out clay then rolled a doily into it.  I took off the doily and cut out a shape for this new dish I was designing.  I liked this effect.

It wasn't long before I was pressing these doilies into clay for my toothbrush holder and Christmas ornaments. 

There are many decorative pottery pieces I can make. 

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