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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Of a Kind Kitchen Back Splash

When I was growing up I learned to sew my own clothes for 3 reasons.
   1) In those days it was the norm for girls to learn to sew.
    2) Material was .25 to 50 cents a yard, which meant I could make nice clothes really cheep.
    3)And  I like to have things that are different than what other people have, to be unique.

These days instead of sewing I make decorative and functional pottery.

 We had a pile of plain white ceramic tiles for our kitchen back splash.  Since I still gravitate to different things that others don't have I put my artistic gift  to some use.  Using China paint I decided on a theme of birds, butterflies, insects and berries and started to paint. 

After many hours and two firings in the kiln I had 10 unique tiles.  That was last summer. Once winter came Dave had some time to put my tiles on the wall. 

Now I have a unique kitchen back splash that I doubt any one else has. And all it took was imagination, several hours, paint and tiles.  If I had to pay some one to do this it would cost me several hundreds of dollars of labor time.

So what do you think of my back splash? I can't take it with me if we move, but I can make another one.


Becky K. said...

It is great! And you've added so much value to your home. The personal touch is great. Are you considering a line of tiles? Or maybe you do them already?

krafterskorner said...

They are beautiful! I love the birds! :)

Joyce Butler said...

I have thought about doing commission work. Id have to research the cost of doing this.

Sue Runyon said...

These are wonderful, Joyce.

sammysgrammy said...

Use pics of your kitchen backsplash and offer custom backsplash tiles for sale on etsy. Paint individual tiles to use as coasters or hot plates.

Please post this blog post on the castteam blog blitz. Thread opens later on today. It takes place every Wed. Look for the thread that is dated blog blitz March 13th.

Jensdreamdecor said...

Just lovely! What a bonus, you get to keep some of your work and see it every day!


Beautiful Tiles. Nice work.

KarenW said...

Very pretty! I'm hoping to get my mom to do something like this for me someday. She does china painting too.