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Monday, December 3, 2012

Home Made Child's Tiara

My granddaughter, age 4, loves to dress up and what little girl doesn't like to have princess clothes. 

Her mother suggested I get dress-up clothes for her for Christmas.
Me wearing the tiara
 I wanted to make something but didn't have the time to pull out my sewing machine.  While visiting a friend she showed me an interesting child's tiara which won't break as easily as a plastic one.

Here's how to make a tiara.

Cut off a long length of wire.  If you run out of wire before the end just add another more wire.
You take and ordinary hair band and wrap  flexible jewelry wire around it. (fig 1, 2)

Fig. 1 Hair Band
Fig 2 Wrap wire

 Then add some beads about 2" from the end of the band. I added eight beads. Fig 3. The  2"  start allows the band  to sit on a head comfortably. 
Fig. 4 Crown Beads

Fig. 3. Eight Beads

Next I added 3 larger beads for the point of the crown. Fig. 4

Fig. 5 Bead Twist

Twist the wire under the three larger beads to form the point of the crown. Fig 5 and 6.
Fig.. 6 Twist Beads
Fig. 7 Eight Beads
 Add 8 more smaller beads, same design, size and color of the first 8,  for the down side of the crown. Fig. 7.  Then wrap the wire around the band about and inch away from the first point. Fig. 8.

Fig. 8 Second Wrap of Wire Around Band

Fig. 9 Start of Second Point

 Start the next point adding the same amount and same type of beads. Fig. 9.  Repeat the pattern you have created for the tiara to about 2" from the end.

Fig. 10 Wrapping Ribbon

Fig. 11
Fig. 12
Fig. 13
To finish off wrap a ribbon around the band making sure you cover the ends of the wires. Fig. 11 to 13
Wrap the last to loops around the band loosely so you can duck the end of it under the loop. Then pull it tight.  I added a dab of glue to the end of the ribbon to prevent it from coming out. 

Fig. 15 Double Wire
Fig. 14 Single Wire
Be creative and make your own design.  In fig. 14 I used one wire.  In fig.15 I added a second wire and made a lower row.

Supplies  Hair band, cosmetic beads, flexible jewellery wire, ribbon, glue 


junquete said...

great tutorial!

sammysgrammy said...

A little girl's dream tiara.