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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Same Size Mugs

Pottery is a journey. They say it takes twelve years to become a good potter. 

I have been making pottery for 10 years.  One struggle I have, which I've heard many artists say is, 'how do I price my work".  Now that I can make my bowls and cups easily I concentrated on making the mugs the same size.

Shown are some freshly turned mugs all the same size.  The shape still varies a bit, but this shows that they are all made by hand.  One problem solved.


Anonymous said...

Hi!, I was wondering how you made the design on the far left. it looks great!

Joyce Butler said...

After I wedge white clay into a ball I press 3 or 4 pieces of black clay evenly around the ball from top to bottom, dividing the white clay into thirds or fourths around the clay. The more black the more black stripes. When it is turned the back stripes with the white. Then I trim the sludge off the outside and inside to reveal the colours.

I learned this from a Pottery Clay Illustrated magazine.
I'll add a finished mug.