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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Setting Goals

Last year I posted a blog that I was going to set a goal and make X amount of pottery for 2011.  Well I didn't make my goals. Due to the economy sales were down so  I didn't need to make a lot of pottery. God knew that I didn't need a lot of pottery.

I have tried in the past to set goals and it has never worked out. Not only do I not meet them, but it also adds undo stress to my life. Being creative with my pottery also gives me peace, but I didn't do very many creative items last year. 

Years ago someone spoke a  Godly word over me. They said I was called Joyce because my life would be joyful. At the time I was in deep depressions as I used to suffer from bipolar. I also did not know whom God created me to be, as a result I was doing every thing for other people and not what God called me to be. To have my joy I must follow God.

I know that I find my joy in making pottery and God has opened many doors for me.  My goals weren't met last year as God had other plans for me. I was introduced to China paint on porcelain, which also excites me.  I also started taking drum lessons which apparently I am a natural at. I had no idea I would do either of these. They weren't in my goals.

God even impressed on me this fall not to attend our ladies bible study as he'd rather I go out to the world and witness.  It is a good study, but its not what God wants for me.  He doesn't want me to go to any more religious activities that don't enhance my life. The day after I submitted to God and said I wouldn't go to the study I witnessed to 3 people in as many days. This was confirmation that I did what God wanted.

This morning I was reading Ezekiel 29. God is cutting down Egypt due to their sin, but also in verse 16 it says, never again will Israel be tempted to rely on Egypt.  When I read this I realized I relied on setting my goals instead of following God. When I follow God I am content and happy, just like this chick-a dee.

As the old song of the 80's went, Be Happy, Don't Worry. Hopefully this year I'll just follow God and be happy and I'll see where God leads me this new and exciting year.


Julia Badgley said...

Good thoughts. I agree that it's important to do what God wants us to do, not to just cram our goals into our life when they don't fit with His.

sammysgrammy said...

I see you've taken His instruction to..........."lean not on your own understanding but in ALL you ways acknowledge Him".

v + s + m + i + a + c said...

Good post! I didn't make my sales goal last year, either, but if you shoot for the moon and land in the stars, it's still good. :)

krafterskorner said...

Your creations are cute!

Display Your He{ART] said...

Thanks for sharing your goals! God does seem to have a funny way about bringing new things into our lives when we least expect it, huh? He always has a purpose though! Great to "meet" you today!

Niki Jackson said...

Wow Joyce! You spoke right to my heart, that is exactly what has been happening to me. When I let God guide me I am happy but when I try to put rules on myself or create goals I get tense and don't enjoy life. I think you pretty much helped me answer my questions, thank you! Blessings Niki x