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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who Art Thou

Every year in November our local art gallery The Muskoka Art and Crafts Gallery has a very interesting fund raiser.

Local artist pick up  8 x 10 canvases from them. We then put on the canvases what ever we want and hand them back to the gallery. The art is hung on the wall without any names as to who has done the work, hence the title. All the art is sold at $45.00 and for one week people flock to the gallery to purchase original art work.  Behind each peace is the photo of the art work along with who created it. Once they have been bought the artist is revealed.

Last year was my first time doing this. I did two pieces last year and also this year.

I create the main theme out of clay and painted in the background. The finished and fired clay piece is glued on after the paint dries.
Last year I was able to go to the opening and my sail boat picture had been sold before I got there. The lady who bought it was standing in line so I was able to introduce myself. 

This year due to a snow storm of the opening night I decided not to go. When I did get there a few days later my mountain goat had been sold. 
All four of my pieces sold.

I recently won some oil paints so I think I will try this technique with oils and sell them.

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Madmud said...

Fun idea. Almost like bas relief!