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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sushi Any One

For a potter almost anything can become a tool or a form. Several years ago I found these little dishes. I remembered ones similar to these from my childhood. They were thin metal stamped into designs our mother's used to make fancy jelly molds.
Metal Jello Mold
Since that is not my thing I thought I could use them to make little dishes.
Soya Sauce In the Dish
After I made a few I realized they would be the perfect for dipping soya sauce when serving sushi.
If only I had some sushi.

Soya is not the only thing you can put in them, mustard for ham, salsa for nachos, dips for chips and vegetables. They are the perfect size for single servings.
I make them in several colours. 
You can see more on my etsy site. 

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