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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Learning to turn

I have been turning on the potters wheel for several year and struggling. Most times I turn ok but can not manage to turn more and a couple of pounds. I turn for a while then I can't.

What was I to do? Should I take more courses or just practice practice practice.  I chose the practice line. It did help, yet I still struggled  ------  UNTIL

I bought two DVD's -- Beginning to Throw and Advanced Throwing by Robin Hopper. I wasn't going to get the Beginning To Throw until I watched and exert and noticed that he had some tips I could benefit from.  It turns out I was turning backwards. 

A simple lesson on why you put yours hands a certain way while turning makes such a difference. Now I am turning larger pots.


JulieandMax said...

Hi Joyce - I found you on the Etsy Castteam directory, and just stopped by to say 'hi' :-) Feel free to come visit me on my blog as well -
Blessings, Julie

Brenda said...

Hi! I'm following you from the CAST team on Etsy.